MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Shock photos reveal massive Bronte feud

Married At First Sight's Bronte Schofield has alienated herself from her fellow 'brides'.

MAFS participant Bronte Schofield hasn’t enjoyed the couples’ retreat this week after her fellow ‘brides’ warned her about Harrison Boon’s behaviour. The fiery brunette has fiercely protected her relationship but ended up mortified on Tuesday night after accidentally exposing one of Harrison’s lies.

After failing to see how her ‘husband’ was meddling in other people’s relationships and attempting to break Layton Mills and Melinda Willis up, Bronte has driven a wedge between herself and the other ‘brides’.

L: MAFS star Bronte travelling in a car. R: Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon at the couples' retreat.
MAFS' Bronte was left reeling after a heated exchange during the couples' retreat. Photo: Supplied & Nine

Yahoo Lifestyle can now reveal that the couples’ retreat created a massive feud between Bronte and the other women on the show.

“Things became so bad that none of the other girls would even travel to shoots or commitment ceremonies in the same car as her,” an insider tells us.

“As far as Bronte was concerned, Harrison was the only person she trusted in the experiment and everyone else was trying to ruin them. It got to the point where the girls just wiped their hands of her and no one would talk to her unless they had to on set.”


Photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show that Bronte travelled to a shoot alone just minutes after her fellow ‘brides’ left together.

In one snap, Lyndall Grace can be seen smiling as she sits between Alyssa Barmonde and Melinda. In another photo, Tahnee Cook is laughing as Evelyn Ellis cheerfully waves towards the camera.

Lyndall Grace, Alyssa Barmonde and Melinda Willis travelling together in a vehicle
Lyndall, Alyssa and Melinda were snapped travelling in one car together. Photo: Supplied
Tahnee Cook and Evelyn Ellis travelling in a car together
Tahnee and Evelyn were also seen travelling together. Photo: Supplied

Bronte drops explosive bombshell

Although Bronte has stuck by Harrison’s side throughout the couples’ retreat drama, a promo for Wednesday’s episode has revealed his shock move. According to the teaser, Harrison breaks up with Bronte through a text message.


Fans couldn’t believe this turn of events, with many leaping to defend Bronte on social media.

“No way, she’s better than him. He’s sucked her in,” one person wrote.

“I just saw the promo for tomorrow night and Harrison has ended his relationship with Bronte…by text! Yep, suave!” another agreed.

“Bronte has blinders on when it comes to Harrison. She will believe everything he says, even if it’s not true,” a third chimed in.

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