MAFS' Dan claims he and Sandy had a 'secret arrangement' on the show

The Married At First Sight groom has made some wild claims about his ex.

He officially left the experiment during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony after his relationship with Sandy Jawanda fell apart over a ‘butt-dial’ scandal, and now Married At First Sight’s Dan Hunjas has made some explosive claims about the legitimacy of their romance.

The 42-year-old businessman, who went public with his new partner Samantha Symes the day after his MAFS wedding aired on TV, has alleged that Sandy proposed they fake their relationship for the cameras to make it further in the experiment.

MAFS’ Dan and Sandy on the couch.
MAFS’ Dan has accused Sandy of proposing a ‘secret arrangement’ between them during filming. Photo: Channel Nine

“Sandy came to me with a secret arrangement,” he told Fitzy & Wippa on Monday.

“She was like, ‘I'm not your person Dan, you’re not my person. I've given up too much to be here. Let’s just set up a secret arrangement to get through to the end because I've given up too much to be here’, [and] I agreed to that.”


Dan claimed that it was only after this agreement was made that he began to leave the apartment for hours at a time to exercise and live a separate life from Sandy.

“At that point in time, I'm like, ‘Okay cool. Well, in non-filming time, I'm going to do what Dan loves doing best, which is go to the beach and hang out in the outdoors and that kind of thing’,” he continued. “I think that’s more than okay.”

Despite Dan’s allegations, there is no evidence that Sandy organised a ‘secret arrangement’ with Dan to extend her time on the show.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Sandy for comment.

MAFS’ Dan kissing Samantha Symes.
Dan has since moved on with his wedding guest Samantha Symes. Photo: Instagram

'It's not surprising'

Dan also shared in the interview that he and his new partner Samantha - who turned heads in an eye-popping dress while attending his TV wedding - had been friends “for a couple of years” before hooking up after MAFS.

“I left the experiment in September last year and Samantha and I got together for the very first time mid-January this year,” he revealed.


“I am in a really really great place. I have an amazing relationship that I'm developing and we’re getting along with our lives.”

Meanwhile, Sandy told Fitzy & Wippa she wasn’t entirely shocked Dan had moved on with one of their wedding guests.

“The more I’m knowing about Dan it's not surprising,” she said.

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