MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Insider reveals butt-dial 'never happened'

A Married At First Sight insider has shared what really happened that night.

The MAFS experiment was rocked this week by a never-before-seen scandal as a result of a butt-dial from groom Rupert Budgen to his 'wife' Evelyn Ellis, where the bride 'overhead' a conversation between two grooms speaking badly about their wives.

Evelyn subsequently shared the information with fellow bride Sandy Jawanda and revealed the "disgusting" things her 'husband' Dan Hunjas had said behind her back.

An insider has revealed the scandalous butt-dial from MAFS' Rupert to Evelyn exposing Dan's 'disgusting' behaviour 'never happened'. Photo: Nine

"I'm about to tell you something that I think you would want to know," Evelyn began. "Over the weekend, some of the husbands went out to drink. Rupert butt-dialled me, he pocket-dialled me.

"I could hear the conversations between a couple of the boys very clearly, and they weren't saying very nice things about their wives - particularly Dan."


Sandy was clearly surprised by the incident and told Evelyn that "Dan said he was with his daughter", to which she firmly replied: "Dan was out with the boys."

"What was he saying?" Sandy asked.

"He was insinuating that he is too good for this experiment and too good for you," Evelyn continued. "Once I asked Rupert what was going on, he told me he was showing all the boys photos of his ex-girlfriends, like boasting about how hot his ex-girlfriends were."

MAFS' Evelyn and Sandy
Evelyn shared the things she 'overheard' Dan telling Rupert to Sandy, who was left feeling 'broken'. Photo: Nine
MAFS' Evelyn's call history
Evelyn's phone records show three phone calls from Rupert at 8:11pm, 8:17pm and 8:44pm, despite Dan insisting their conversation happened between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Photo: Nine

Sandy teared up while talking to the producers, saying she was "broken" after finding out what Dan said about her.

However, an insider has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the butt-dial "never happened", and was just a way for producers to bring the story to life. In reality, Evelyn was told about the events of the night by Rupert himself.

"The butt dial never happened and all of the cast know it," the insider tells us. "Producers found out what some of the boys were saying about their wives and needed an organic way to bring it up on the show and Evelyn has happy to go along with everything. She heard none of this stuff over any phone calls though.

"This season so much stuff happened away from the cameras that producers needed to manufacture these scenes just so things made sense on TV."

According to text messages obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle from October 16, 2022, Dan tells Rupert, "That butt dial didn't happen, we both know it didn't. The convo I had with you was during daylight and was between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Not after 8pm like it was accused... We weren't even together then."

Text messages from MAFS' Dan to Rupert
Text messages obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show Dan telling Rupert he knows the 'butt dial didn't happen'. Photo: Supplied

On Wednesday night's episode, Evelyn shows her phone records with three phone calls from Rupert at 8:11pm, 8:17pm and 8:44pm, all lasting just one minute.

Dan continued in the texts, saying that he went to the location where the conversation took place and tested whether a conversation would be heard through a phone that was sitting on the table.

"What's the actual truth?" he questioned Rupert. "I got absolutely slaughtered and it wasn't fair at all. I need you to be real with me..."

Rupert responded, saying he was "smoked that night" and "didn't remember anything", but added, "Evelyn has since told me when I was smoked I've told her that you used to smash some good sorts back in the day and I honestly wasn't thinking at the time and I'm so sorry I obviously know now not to discuss anything about my nights out with anyone, and I had not meant to get you caught up in that at all".

He added that he had defended Dan to Evelyn and Sandy, saying "he didn't talk badly about his wife at all that night".

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