MAFS spoilers: New photos reveal twist in cheating scandal

Those involved in the Married At First Sight cheating scandal have very different reactions to it.

This week, MAFS viewers were shocked to find out Claire Nomarhas and Adam Seed did, in fact, kiss on that wild night out early in the experiment. Claire and Adam vehemently denied the claims by the bride's 'husband' Jesse Burford, who seemed sure something had happened between the pair.

On Monday night, Claire finally came clean with the news, leaving Jesse heartbroken as the pair had been getting along very well in the last week.

MAFS' Claire
MAFS' Claire was spotted looking downcast as she arrived for tonight's dinner party. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Viewers slammed Claire and Adam, with many saying they "gaslit" Jesse, who profusely apologised after accusing them of cheating.

Adam was forced to tell his 'wife' Janelle Han about the kiss after a furious Jesse confronted him.

"So, on that night out that we all went out and got smashed," Adam began. "To me, it was absolutely nothing, me and Claire had a little kiss downstairs."


Janelle was shocked, telling the cameras that she had supported him the whole time while the allegations were being thrown around and now felt "so stupid".

"I'm saying here right now he was pinning it on me like it was all me but it 100 per cent wasn't," Adam added. "It takes two to tango , I'm not gonna lie about that. We were blind, we were smashed, we were just having a vape and it just kind of happened."

MAFS' Jesse
Jesse was also seen looking sad ahead of the dinner party. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Janelle
Janelle told the cameras ahead of the dinner party that it will be 'next level' and that she will not be holding back. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

He continued, saying he and Janelle had a big fight prior to the kiss, adding it wasn't "an excuse", despite her saying they were "in a good place".

It comes after Adam told Janelle during their wedding that he had previously cheated on his long-term partner, with Janelle saying she wouldn't hold it against him as it happened so long ago and she was ready to move forward.

Janelle's brothers questioned him at the wedding, asking him how they could be sure that he wouldn't hurt and cheat on Janelle, with Adam telling them they had nothing to worry about.

"You don't have to worry about me ever hurting your sister or cheating on your sister or anything like that, because what I say, my words mean more to me than anything. I'm a straight-up honest and genuine person," he told them.

MAFS' Adam
Adam, on the other hand, was seen grinning and 'didn't seem remorseful or at all bothered about what was happening'. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Now, in photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle that were taken ahead of tonight's dinner party, it would seem that while Claire, Jesse and Janelle were seen looking tense and sad as they arrived separately and alone, Adam arrived looking happy and excited with a huge grin on his face.

"He didn't seem remorseful or at all bothered about what was happening, he spent the day joking around with producers," an insider tells us.


Ahead of the dinner party, Janelle told the cameras she was "going in guns blazing" and would not be holding back when it comes to Claire and Adam.

"This dinner party is going to be next level," she told Melinda Willis and Tahnee Cook, who said they will back her.

In the preview for the episode, the contestants don't hold back when it comes to Adam, as Claire apologises for what she has done, clearly upset by the hurt she has caused – unlike Adam.

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