MAFS fan spots strange detail during honeymoon: 'Hilarious'

A clip of the Married at First Sight couple's conversation shows not everything may be as it appears.

Eagle-eyed Married At First Sight fans have spotted a major editing fail in a scene from intruders Tayla Winter and Hugo Armstrong's honeymoon.

The pair, who joined the experiment on Monday night, didn't immediately hit it off after Tayla said in her vows she did not like being told what to do, expressing that relationships typically went her way.

Their marriage continued to go downhill during their honeymoon when Tayla claimed the bed and forced Hugo to sleep on the couch.

During a dinner out, Hugo decided to press Tayla on what she asked the experts for coming into the experiment, which sparked a heated conversation after Tayla said Hugo was not her type.

Fans said however there was evidence the conversation had been edited, with them pointing out one particular detail that showed it didn't go down as it aired on TV.

A plate is seen in front of Tayla (left) while there is no plate in front of her (right).
MAFS fans noticed Tayla had a plate of food during the conversation before it was suddenly not in front of her anymore. Source: Channel Nine

As Tayla told Hugo she got the impression he wasn't very sporty, she had a full plate of dessert sitting in front of her.

As the conversation continued, Tayla took a bite of her food before the camera then showed Tayla having a swig of wine with her meal looking intact as if nothing has been eaten.

Then after Hugo claimed she had been a "b***h the entire time", she scoffed and flicked her hair as the camera panned back to her, but now there was no plate in front of her.


"I feel like no part of you wants to work on it," Hugo said before the camera then shows Tayla eating again as she responds, "I never said that."

After showing the plate half-eaten, the full meal then later appears back on the plate, showing the conversation was not played out in the order it happened.

The detail was spotted by a fan who posted a clip of the conversation on TikTok.

"I absolutely love MAFS. Can't get enough of it. This little editing mix-up will not stop me from watching Married at First Sight. But we should always remember that a story needs to be created out of the footage they've got," the fan captioned the video.

Other fans flocked to the comments to point out other details from the pair's conversation.

"What about the fact his neck went from bright pink to completely normal to bright pink again," one said.

"The position of the beer and how full it is keeps changing also," another commented.

"This is hilarious," a third added while somebody else said, "Great spotting".

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