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Makeup fans are raving about this $12 item: 'Holy wow'

Doing your own makeup is a lot easier than it used to be, but there's still no quick fix for the eyes. Whether you're dabbing away fine concealer lines or smoothing out loose powder, applying eye makeup can feel like you need a degree in micro-surgery.

This is why shoppers are going wild for Glam Raider's revolutionary triangle-shaped powder puffs, with one pack sold every hour.

Unlike traditional wider brushes and thicker sponges, the powder puff's triangle shape is designed to perfectly target the under-eye area and leaves an airbrushed finish to your skin while setting makeup and minimising shine.

Glam Raider makeup powder puffs
Glam Raider's new makeup product has gone viral. Photo: Glam Raider

While most commonly used for the eyes, shoppers have also used the puffs to set powder to the cheeks and forehead.


The puffs are made from super-soft velvety fabric and feature a silk finger slip to move and target various parts of the face with expert precision. They come in a zip-lock pack of two for $12, with each being fully hand-washable after use.

Glam Raider powder puff pack
The silk slips allow for easy movement around the eyes and wider face area. Photo: Glam Raider

TikTok influencer Kaushal was blown away when she first tried the Glam Raider puffs.

"I finally tired setting my under eyes with a triangle powder puff to see what the fuss is all about & the verdict is in... It makes my skin FLAWLESS," she told her 150,000 followers. "I've also tried it with loose powder and pressed powder and it works beautifully both ways."

Her video was flooded with shoppers who'd also achieved fantastic results with the powder puffs.

"I finally caved and bought these a month ago for some events & HOLY WOW I looked airbrushed flawless," one user commented.

Glam Raider powder puffs
Glam Raider's triangle powder puffs come in a set of two for $12. Photo: Glam Raider

"Changed my whole makeup game - I love it," another shared.

The powder puffs have a solid five stars on the Glam Raider website too, with beauty shoppers totally stoked on the new value makeup must-have.

"Love these for getting right into the corners to set with powder!" one beauty shopper said.

"Love this handy tool and won't go without now," another happy customer said.

Shop a two-pack of Glam Raider's Triangle Powder Puffs directly through their website now and don't miss out.

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