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I tried Emma Sleep's first-ever sofa bed and it exceeded my expectations

If you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of sleeping on a sofa bed you know there is usually a compromise on comfort (mostly in the form of a pole running up your spine while you sleep).

Fortunately, the award-winning mattress geniuses over at Emma have just dropped their first EVER sofa bed – delivering on style, comfort and sustainability in their new fuss-free design.

Emma Sleep's new sofa bed is beyond my expectations.
Emma Sleep's new sofa bed is beyond my expectations.

I had personally been on the hunt for a sofa bed for the better part of the last 12 months and with overseas relatives, friends and a very healthy streaming habit, I knew that whatever couch I ended up settling on would need to be something I would happily sleep on myself – having experienced my fair share of uncomfortable futons in my time.

The box promptly arrived at my doorstep, extremely compact and easy to unbox. The whole setup took less than five minutes from start to finish (even with 3 nosy dogs inspecting my every move) and once assembled, its neutral grey palette seamlessly slid into my existing décor style.

Next up, a road test! It takes literally seconds to transform, with the back section of the sofa quickly pulling out into a luxurious queen-sized bed. Not one to mess around, I quickly grabbed my favourite linen and settled in for an afternoon movie session which quickly turned into a much-needed nap. The mattress definitely surpassed my expectations as it was everything I’d hoped for in terms of comfort (and no poles in sight!).

Outside of its basic functions, both armrests come with built-in compartments for easy and accessible storage (a must in my household) and the sofa bed itself has been sustainability designed from the ground up, which is a huge win.

Emma sofa bed
Whether you're using it as a sofa or bed, the design will easily fit your style.

For when you’re not sleeping on it, the actual sofa is something you’d happily sit on for hours while enjoying your favourite shows (something I can personally confirm). And, while it has been designed to be somewhat compact, this makes it perfect for any space!

Usually $3999, it's currently on sale for $1999.50 as part their Black Friday sale.

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