MAFS: Leaked texts and notes reveal truth about cheating scandal

There's a lot more to Adam and Claire's kiss than what was shown on TV.

A series of leaked WhatsApp messages and journal entries have revealed the truth about Married At First Sight’s latest cheating scandal.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that Sandy Jawanda witnessed Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas' kiss during the cast’s boozy party away from the cameras and said she was going to tell producers the very next day - before the cast attempted a cover-up instead.

MAFS' Adam, Janelle and Claire.
Leaked texts and journal entries have revealed more details about Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas’ cheating scandal. Photos: Channel Nine

Sandy, who is paired with Dan Hunjas in the experiment, expressed her disapproval of the hook-up and had a text exchange with Adam from 10:30pm to 12:30am that night where he apologised.

“I'm sorry for how I made you [feel] honestly,” he wrote. “Just wanna turn back the clocks and start fresh for real.”

Sandy told Adam “I don't hate you” but added she’ll "have to tell [producer] Molly” about the off-camera kiss. However, she never ended up telling the producers and chose to stay silent instead.


Adam then apologised again for his actions, adding: “I’m glad you’re not holding me to that and know this experiment is getting the better of us and production clearly doing their absolute best to twist s**t and turn people on each other.

“No matter what drama we all gotta face we all be friends after this once all [is] said and done.”

MAFS' Sandy.
Leaked texts and journal entries have revealed more details about Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas’ cheating scandal. Photos: Channel Nine

It’s believed that a number of other cast members also became aware of the kiss that night, and producers suspected something had happened after shutting the party down.

The following day, Sandy reportedly wrote in her journal about how Claire's husband Jesse Burford suspected something had happened between Adam and Claire.

“After the drinks, Jesse thought she was talking to Adam on the phone,” she wrote. “I guess Jesse is more clued on than we thought. He barged into Adam and Janelle's room and accused Adam of talking to her"

As the scandal was then covered up, Sandy allegedly wrote another entry in her journal about how she felt watching Adam and Claire lie to the group during the first commitment ceremony.

“I feel Adam's eyes on me,” she penned. “It’s awkward. I don't like his intentions.”

A few weeks later when gossip began to spread amongst the participants, the producers then filmed a ‘fake’ scene where Claire told Sandy about the kiss, which was shown during Monday night’s episode.

Sandy went along with it and acted surprised by Claire’s confession but in reality, she knew about it the entire time.

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