MAFS' Adam makes shock claims about Janelle: 'Huge blow up'

The Married at First Sight star did not hold back when it came to his 'wife'.

MAFS' Adam Seed has shared shocking behind-the-scenes claims about his 'wife' Janelle Han on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning, saying she may not have been as upset about him cheating with Claire Nomarhas on the show as we were led to believe.

Adam and Claire's secret kiss was revealed on the show this week when the bride became so overcome by guilt and told her 'husband' Jesse Burford what really happened between them during the wild night out.

MAFS' Adam and Janelle
MAFS' Adam Seed has slammed 'wife' Janelle Han on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, revealing shock behind-the-scenes secrets. Photo: Nine

It came after both Adam and Claire told Jesse he was wrong for doubting them when he thought he overheard Claire talking to Adam on the phone that same night. While they weren't on the phone that night, they did share a kiss, keeping it secret for weeks until Claire came clean.

At Wednesday night's dinner party, Janelle was clearly mad after being left heartbroken by the cheating scandal.

However, when he spoke with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson on KIIS FM, Adam revealed that while Janelle may have appeared to be upset by the cheating, they had already mutually agreed that they "weren't each other's people" and she had threatened to leave early in the experiment.


"You've gotta remember, like when the kiss happened, it was within the first few days of moving into Sky Suites. You know, [Claire] was in a bad place with Jesse, which I didn't know anything about that, I wasn't in a good place at all with Janelle which you guys didn't see because that didn't make it to edit," he said. "But we had a huge big blow up, Janelle and I, and she screamed at me said she's leaving and I'm leaving as well.

"And then we patched things up off air and then she basically convinced me to stay and experiment for – I'm going to say clout and that's why – so on the night that I actually kissed Claire, in my head I felt like I was a single guy, so it's gonna sound a bit ridiculous but that's exactly how it is."

MAFS' Janelle
Janelle was clearly mad at Adam at the dinner party. Photo: Nine

When asked how he could kiss Claire and then later that night sleep with Janelle, he responded: "Janelle and I, at that moment basically – we'd even laugh and joke about it, because we discovered pretty early in the piece that we weren't each other's people. So, we had an idea that this was not going to be a thing.

"And hand on heart, give me a Bible, get me a lie detector test, I'll promise you, Janelle would say to me, 'We've just gotta stay in this for whatever, no one's going to remember the first couple that leaves if you leave this week.' This was before the first commitment ceremony."

"Adam are you saying that some people are in this experiment for fame and not for love?" Kyle sarcastically asked.

'I know what I did was wrong'

He continued: "I'm trying to deal with the fact that I know what I did was wrong. I shouldn't have kissed Claire that night, I shouldn't have gaslit Jessie. I should have been open and honest about it. You know, at the end of the day, I'm not – despite what was said and all the rest of it – I know what I did was wrong and I'm not trying to stand behind anything. I know what I did was wrong, and I know who I hurt in the process, and I apologise."

Jackie O added that the only person out of the two couples who she thought had "proper feelings" was Jesse.

MAFS' Jesse hugs Janelle
Adam claimed Jesse was the only person who was truly hurt by the cheating. Photo: Nine

"One hundred per cent, and that's what I stand by, hand on heart, the one person I feel terrible for is Jesse, one hundred per cent! Because out of the four of us, he's the only one that I think was genuine and there for the right reasons in that moment, and he's just the one getting strung along, you know. And that's why my heart goes out to the guy," Adam said.

The reality star added that it "hurt him even more" to see Jesse so hurt on TV, "This is why it just does not sit well with me, how I made him feel."

Adam added that he and Claire have not had any contact since after they filmed the show's finale and that they never did anything else other than kiss.

He then claimed that he wouldn't have cheated if he was in a "loving committed relationship" or had been matched with any of the "other girls in the experiment" who were there for the right reasons.

"I was inside the experiment, I'd known this person for a week... we'd had a tough time, I had to deal with the family, I had to deal with all this stuff," he said, adding, "And there was no emotional feeling at all towards Janelle and vice versa. It went both ways."

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