MAFS star Josh's desperate plea after fans slam Melissa

The Married at First Sight groom has an important message for fans.

Married at First Sight star Josh White has made a desperate plea to fans after they rallied around him following his breakdown during Sunday night's commitment ceremony.

In a first for the experiment, Josh was given the option to leave despite his 'wife' Melissa Sheppard wanting to stay for another week after experts could see how broken he was as a result of the relationship.

During the commitment ceremony, Melissa said her sex with Josh had been "quite awful" and "transactional" while Josh claimed Melissa had controlled who he could speak to, how much TV he could watch and when he could use his phone and read his book.

Josh and Melissa had a rocky end to their relationship. Source: Channel Nine
Josh and Melissa had a rocky end to their relationship. Source: Channel Nine

Melissa, a self-proclaimed "freak in the sheets", copped criticism online for her behaviour while others expressed sympathy towards Josh.

Following the commitment ceremony Josh shared a video on his Instagram pleading for fans to be kind, saying what occurred on the show was between him and Melissa.

"The events on Married at First Sight happened a few months ago. Melissa and I have had a chance to heal from our experiences. What you saw in the experiment is no different to real life where two strangers come together from different backgrounds to try to learn more about each other and themselves in the process," he said.


"I think that we had some really beautiful moments, but we also had some moments of reflection, and I think that both of those will be pretty long-lasting.

"I've always maintained that the pressure of the experiment affects people in different ways. But let me be very clear about one thing – what happened in the experiment happened between Mel and I. Please do not attack more. It doesn't make me happy. It doesn't give me any satisfaction. It doesn't raise me up at all. We are real people. We have real feelings. And we all came into the experiment looking for something."

Josh added in his caption there had been some "highs and lows" since the filming of MAFS wrapped, and it was "the nature of life and the pursuit of love".

"I ask you as an audience to please be respectful and kind to Melissa," he said.

"There isn’t a need to attack her at all – I understand people will want to but that doesn’t make me feel any better and it just perpetuates a cycle that we should all reflect on.

"Please know that I am doing well, and I appreciate everyone that has reached out."

It comes after Melissa came out swinging during an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday, saying she was blindsided after watching the show air.

She claimed Josh was kind to her face and she had no idea he would cry during his one-on-ones with producers. When asked whether Josh put his tears on for the camera, Melissa said she didn't think it was "100 per cent honest".

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