MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Brent Vitiello calls out people who go on the show for 'clout'

The TV groom says it's a 'shame' people sign up for Married At First Sight for reasons other than finding love.

Married At First Sight star Brent Vitiello has called out participants who sign up for the reality series with the goal of becoming famous.

The season nine groom, who was paired with Tamara Djordjevic in last year’s experiment, tells Yahoo Lifestyle he believes “a lot more people go on MAFS now for clout more than anything else”.

MAFS' Brent Vitiello.
Brent Vitiello says it’s ‘a shame’ people are going onto MAFS for reasons other than finding love. Photo: Yahoo

Brent explains that because his season of the Channel Nine show was “such a high growing season” in terms of viewership and social media statistics, people now want to try and replicate that level of success.

“It’s created a vacuum of people only wanting that now and wanting to get to that same level,” he shares. “And look, I get it. None of us knew what it would turn into. But it's also now taking away from what the experiment actually is and it's turning into chaos.

“I think it's the hype of what you could be after it that is winning more over them trying to find love, which is a shame.”

He continues: “What our season should have taught people is that the public is aware when you're trying to get exposure. The public is aware of your fake crying and we can see it.”


Speaking about his own motivation for going on the show, Brent says the main reason he decided to sign up for MAFS was that he was in lockdown at the time.

“For us it was just like, well I’ve got nothing else to do,” he remarks. “It’s not like we can date. I've done the same walk and seen the same people literally that many times.

“I was like, what more could I lose? It couldn’t be that bad, could it? I was wrong with that one."

Brent's surprising connections to the season 10 cast

Brent went on to share that there are a number of people from this year’s season of MAFS that he knew before the show, including controversial groom Adam Seed who cheated on his ‘wife’ Janelle Han with Claire Nomarhas.

“I spoke to Adam quite a few times long before MAFS because we were doing something and we were doing introductions between me and London, so that's how we met,” he shares. “And then he was like, ‘By the way, I'm going on MAFS’, and that's how it started.

“And me and Bronte Schofield were following each other years ago on Instagram, just weirdly enough, so it's a very small world… I definitely gave them some advice and offered counsel if they needed it, because I know how hard it can be.”


He adds that he’s been speaking with Adam recently about his actions on the show, which he describes as “self-inflicted”.

“He acted wrong and he understands that - trust me, he knows,” Brent remarks. “The first thing I said to him when he had told me what he did was, you literally had one job. Your one and true job is to not cheat on them, otherwise, you're gonna get killed on there. So I gave it to him and I told him he shouldn't have done that.

“He knows he screwed up, so I did check in and just see how he was handling it all. It's hard because we can sit there and judge and have a laugh and stuff, but some people will go and send death threats or really harsh words, and you don’t want that.”

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