The Masked Singer fans fuming over celebrity reveal: ‘Shame on you’

Viewers of The Masked Singer are less than impressed after a fan favourite contestant was eliminated right before the finale.

Baby was the ninth celebrity to be unmasked after singing As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys on Tuesday night, revealing Australian rock superstar and lead singer of Killing Heidi, Ella Hooper.

Baby on The Masked Singer.
Baby was the ninth celebrity to be unmasked. Photo: Channel 10

Clues for Baby detailed that they “love flowers” and have been around them all their life, they’ve been “front and centre” and “on the wings”, and they’re known “for having a good laugh”.

“From the very start, I felt weary, like an old mid-’60s Holden,” they shared.

Before they were revealed, judges Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Urzila Carlson each thought it was Tones and I, Ali Oetjen and Ruby Rose.


However, Dannii Minogue picked up on the many hoop references and successfully guessed Ella.

When asked why she wanted to join the reality show, the 38-year-old said: Every year or two, I make sure I do something totally out of my wheelhouse, and this is pretty out there!”

Ella Hooper on The Masked Singer.
Fans were upset that Ella Hooper was eliminated so soon. Photo: Channel 10

Fans quickly took to social media to express their frustration at Ella’s elimination, with many saying she was gone too soon.

“I’m sad, I don’t want Baby to leave, I love her so much I want to cry,” one person wrote, with another adding, “I wanted her to be final three!”.

“Shame on you, Masked Singer. I am disgusted and never watching your show again,” someone else shared.

“How the heck did Mullet beat Macy Gray and Ella Hooper? There’s some element of personality overriding talent here,” a fourth tweeted.

“Bit of a blow to the ego to be an actual singer and not win The Masked Singer,” a different user remarked.

Dannii Minogue on The Masked Singer.
Dannii was very happy that she guessed Ella correctly. Photos: Channel 10

Others viewers were critical of the songs selected for each of the celebrity contestants.

“Who picks their songs? First Ben Lee singing Seal and now Ella Hooper doing Backstreet Boys, come on. They have to at least suit their voices for it to be enjoyable,” someone wrote.

Ella is the ninth celebrity to be revealed this year after singer and model Alli Simpson, Grammy-award winning performer Macy Gray, shock jock Kyle Sandilands, singing powerhouse Mahalia Barnes, football legend Lote Tuqiri, musician and actor Ben Lee, ex-MasterChef judge George Calombaris and former professional football player and actor Vinnie Jones.

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