The Masked Singer's Macy Gray 'refused to leave the show'

Macy Gray was unmasked on Sunday night's episode of The Masked Singer Australia, but it seems as though the star wasn't so keen on leaving and initially refused to take her Atlantis mask off.

Dave Hughes shared some behind-the-scenes goss with his 2DayFM co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Erin Molan on Monday morning, revealing Macy attempted to stay on the show even after being voted off.

The Masked Singer's Macy Gray
The Masked Singer's Dave Hughes has revealed Macy Gray actually refused to leave the show after being voted off. Photo: Ten

"Macy Gray had such passion for the Masked Singer Australia that when she was told that she had to leave the show, which you saw last night, she refused to leave the show," Dave revealed.

"She said 'No, I’m continuing in the show' and there had to be a discussion which went for quite a while as to 'No, you have to leave'. She said 'No, I’m not leaving.'"


"The thing is, we can’t do the end of the show unless the head comes off," he added.

"So she still had the head on, and they’re saying ‘Hey Macy slash Atlantis, we need you to take the head off so you can go’ to which she’s responding ‘No I’m keeping the head on’?" Ed clarified.

"Wow! Do you get paid per performance?" Erin questioned, asking if she maybe wanted to stay longer and earn more cash.

Atlantis Masked Singer
Macy was apparently having a tough time understanding she's been voted off. Photo: Ten

"I don't know the contractual situation, I imagine she'd be on a flat fee," Hughesy responded, adding it took a long time and people on the set wanted to go home.

"It took quite a while. We’re like 'What is going on, we want to go home'. We’re out the back, saying 'What’s happening?'" he said.

Ed joked that the other stars should have just let her stay on the show.

"What are the other people gonna do? They already know that Atlantis has to go. 'No sorry, Baby, you have to go because Atlantis won’t go'," Hughesy joked. "She was very gracious on air, a real professional. But off air..."

Kyle Sandilands on Masked Singer
Kyle Sandilands was also unmasked as a special guest contestant. Photo: Ten

Also revealed on the show was shock jock Kyle Sandilands, who was under the one-night-only Rubble guest mask.

Performing Train’s 'Drops of Jupiter' in the Paw Patrol costume Kyle was able to fool his on-air partner of more than 20 years Jackie O, who said it was 'embarrassing' she hadn't picked his voice immediately.

"This is the worst you can get, I’m never living this down... this is so embarrassing," she said.

"When you were singing, there was a flash of you in my mind, but then I was like, ‘No.’ You never even let on once. We work together every morning, I‘ve been telling you about Masked Singer every day. All the while, you knew you were gonna be on it!"

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