The Masked Singer’s latest celebrity reveal shocks judges: ‘How?!’

The star-studded judging panel were left baffled after The Masked Singer revealed its third celebrity contestant on Sunday night.

Following their performance of Seal’s Kiss From A Rose, Professor was unmasked as Aussie musician and actor Ben Lee.

Professor on the Masked Singer.
Professor was unmasked on Sunday night. Photo: Channel 10

Clues for Professor included that they are “opinionated”, “don’t believe in conspiracy theories” and “want to make the world a better place”.

The clue “think outside the square” hinted at his AFI nomination for the music score for the film The Square, while the numerous images of a rose were because of his The Rage in Placid Lake co-star Rose Byrne.


Before he was revealed, judges Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Urzila Carlson each guessed Jimmy Rees, Simon Baker, Zac Hanson and Brandon Flowers.

Dave was the closest as his guess was based on the fact that Simon previously worked alongside Rose Byrne.

Ben Lee on The Masked Singer.
Ben Lee said he wanted to join the show to “feel weird”. Photo: Channel 10

“Oh my god!” Jackie yelled when Ben was revealed, while Dave added, “My wife is going to lose her mind, she loves you!”.

“How did nobody guess Ben?!” a confused Dannii remarked. “We were not even close!”

“I like to do anything that makes me feel weird,” Ben explained when asked why he decided to join the singing competition.

“When I heard about this, I was like, this is so weird I’m into it. And once you become a parent you do a lot of stuff to entertain your kids.”

The Masked Singer judges.
The judging panel couldn’t believe it was Ben Lee under the mask. Channel 10

Fans online first predicted that the Catch My Disease singer was under the mask after hearing his voice last week.

“I’d know Ben Lee’s voice anywhere. It’s so unique. If that’s not Ben Lee I’ll eat my hat,” someone wrote online.

“Wasn’t expecting Ben Lee, but that is definitely him,” another added, while a fourth shared, “Professor is undoubtedly Ben Lee.”

Other fans pieced together that the map of South America in the clue package was because of the spiritual experience Ben had in Peru.

Ben Lee’s unveiling comes shortly after the reveals of ex-MasterChef judge George Calombaris and former professional football player and actor Vinnie Jones.

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