Jack Vidgen denies claims he's Kebab on The Masked Singer

Jack Vidgen was forced to address the intense speculation that he is the person behind the Kebab mask on the Masked Singer on Tuesday morning

During an interview with Hit100.9's Jimmy and Nath, Jack was unable to convince anyone he wasn't the Kebab.

Jack Vidgen
Jack Vidgen has been forced to deny claims he's the Kebab on The Masked Singer Australia despite the fact fans are 100% sure it's him. Photo: Getty

"Jack, are you the Kebab?" host Nathan Roye questioned the singer.

"No, I'm not. I'm waiting for Channel 10 to call me up because I want to do the show," Jack laughed as he told the boys.


Producer of the show Grace Garde said she was a friend of Jack's and would bet "her house" on the fact he's the Kebab.

"I know Jack can't give anything away, if it is him, obviously, I don't want to throw him under the bus, but I would put my house on it," she said.

"Looks like you're losing your house, doll," Jack responded.

The Kebab on the Masked Singer
Everyone on social media is sure the Kebab is Jack. Photo: Ten

The boys began chatting about Jack's new song, but couldn't resist teasing him further with Jimmy Smith asking if the singer is a perfectionist when it comes to his kebab costume.

Nath then asked what Jack's go-to food is on a night out and when he responded pizza, the radio host asked, "Jack, is it true, that when you were auditioning for the Masked Singer, the two costume options they gave you was a pizza or a kebab?"

"It's not me!" Jack insisted, with the boys calling him a "good sport" for putting up with all the questioning.

The Masked Singer tweet
Photo: Twitter
The Masked Singer tweet
Photo: Twitter

It comes after former Bachelorette Angie Kent took to Instagram saying she "could recognise that voice anywhere".

"This is 100 per cent Jack," she told her followers excitedly.

She also jokingly added, "That's my guess and I'm stickin' with it 100 [per cent] if I'm wrong I'll eat 10 [gluten-free] kebabs back to back!!!"

Twitter users were similarly convinced, with one user writing, "Hey Jack Vidgen, that voice is so obvious hahahaha."

"That Kebab is definitely without a doubt Jack Vidgen," another wrote.

Some also thought the Kebab might be Courtney Act, but most predicted it to be the young singer.

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