The Masked Singer: Awkward moment reveal stumps judges

Both judges and fans of The Masked Singer were lost for words when the latest celebrity to be unmasked was someone that no one had guessed.

After performing a very fun rendition of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, Piñata was revealed to be football legend Lote Tuqiri.

The Masked Singer's Piñata.
Piñata was the fourth celebrity to be unmasked. Photo: Channel 10

The 41-year-old is best known as a professional dual-code rugby footballer, who has represented both Australia and Fiji in rugby league.

Clues for Piñata detailed that they’ve “learned to be aggressive”, they “backed the wrong group in Melbourne” and they have “plenty of hits under my belt too”.


The clue about being “comfortable with others dressed colourfully - red, yellow, purple, whatever” was a hint towards their 2013 Christmas DVD with The Wiggles, and “comfortable both home and away” was a clue about their football games.

While the judges Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes and Urzila Carlson each guessed it might be Sam Neill, Elon Musk and Jamie Dornan, Jackie O was pretty convinced Beau Ryan was under the mask.

Lote Tuqiri as The Masked Singer's Piñata.
Lote Tuqiri was revealed to be under the mask. Photo: Channel 10

“I’ve never seen a retired footballer move like you do, you threw us for a curveball,” host Osher Günsberg remarked after helping Lote take off his oversized mask.

“I tried to bring the energy,” he replied. “I thought I was Britney Spears coming in. This is awesome… I’ve dominated a different arena, so I am happy with that!”

Lote was also questioned by the judging panel about his mysterious clue package, revealing that the horses shown were a reference to the Brisbane Broncos.

“Should’ve got it,” Jackie O said.

The Masked Singer judges.
The judges were way off with their guesses. Photos: Channel 10

Lote is the fourth celebrity to be revealed on this season of The Masked Singer after musician and actor Ben Lee, ex-MasterChef judge George Calombaris and former professional football player and actor Vinnie Jones.

Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter - none of which guessed Lote Tuqiri - have started piecing together clues for the remaining masks, with names like Em Rusciano, Alli Simpson and Jack Vidgen in the mix.

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