The Block feuds exposed: Here's where the 2023 cast stand ahead of auctions

There's a lot of drama to catch up on before Sunday night's finale.

While the rivalries on this year’s season of The Block have been described as some of the most explosive the reality show has ever seen, recent developments have proved they might not be as deep in real life as what’s been shown on TV.

Before they reunite for Sunday night’s auction, Yahoo Lifestyle has investigated where the season 19 cast members all stand with each other.

The Block 2023 cast.
The Block 2023 cast will reunite for Sunday night's highly-anticipated auction. Photo: Channel Nine

Leah and Kristy

They began the show as best friends, visiting the salon together and going op-shopping, but things turned sour between Leah and Kristy halfway through the competition.

The frenemies stopped speaking to each other after Leah confronted Kristy about her behaviour towards the other contestants, and only half attempted to reconnect during the final few weeks.

However, Monday night’s Open For Inspections episode proved that the pair have seemingly patched things up in the months between filming as they were seen laughing together like old times.

“You know what is just so bizarre, Kristy and I never spoke since that kitchen chat,” Leah said. “And yet, [with] the perspective of life, all of it became petty nonsense, so swords are down.”


It’s believed Kristy and Leah have hung out numerous times since filming the reality show, with a source telling Yahoo Lifestyle that they enjoyed hanging out together at Nine’s Upfront event earlier this month.

Kristy also posted a video on her TikTok last week showing herself and her husband Brett watching an episode of The Block with Leah and Ash.

Leah and Leslie

Despite ending the experience on a sour note after clashing during backyard week, Kristy’s recent TikTok also featured Leah and Leslie sitting close together while watching The Block.

It’s believed the video was filmed on the same day as the Open For Inspections episode on October 15 as the contestants are all wearing in the same outfits they wore on TV.

The TikTok was also filmed in Kyle and Leslie’s living room, noticeably without fellow contestants Eliza and Liberty and Steph and Gian, which suggests Leah and Leslie have returned to being friendly with one another.

Eliza and Liberty and Kristy and Brett

Based on post-show media interviews, it appears Eliza and Liberty’s rivalry with Kristy and Brett is the only ‘feud’ that’s continued after filming wrapped.

The two teams have gone back and forth over the past few months slamming one another during radio interviews, with the sisters recently claiming that the married couple made people cry while on set.

Eliza and Liberty have also described them as “nasty” and “mean” and said they will need “therapy” if their house sells for a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Kristy and Brett have labelled Eliza and Liberty as the “biggest cheaters” this season and suggested the reason why they’re on a “smear campaign” against them is because they want to pursue a career in media post-show.


Outside of filming scenes with the rest of the cast, the two teams haven’t been spotted together since the show.

Kristy also posted a TikTok on Wednesday of herself enjoying dinner with all of her co-stars in Melbourne without Eliza and Liberty. However, they may have been in the bathroom or left early as there appear to be empty seats at the table.

Stay tuned to see what happens when the cast comes together to film Sunday night’s auction, and of course who keeps following each other when they regain access to their Instagram accounts.

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