The Block's Kristy and Brett reveal surprising strategy entering the show

The couple spill on their audition video and whether they'd do anything differently.

They might not be one of the most popular couples on this year’s season of The Block, but you can’t deny that Kristy and Brett have provided some pretty entertaining TV moments.

The married couple have now admitted it was their plan all along to “ruffle some feathers” and add some drama to the long-running renovation series, no matter how they came across on TV.

The Block's Brett and Kristy.
Kristy and Brett have admitted they applied for The Block with a plan to cause drama. Photo: Channel Nine

“Originally when we applied I was like, the last few seasons I’ve found boring,” Brett told KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren this week.

“I just thought it would be interesting to bring in someone that wanted to do that and stir the pot and get in a bit of trouble. That was in our audition video.”


The controversial duo, who have been accused by viewers of “bullying” their competitors, were asked during the interview if they would do anything differently if they had their time again.

“It’s probably the wrong answer, but probably not,” Kristy admitted, while Brett said you would “never” hear them complain about their ‘edit’.

“We’re people that are gonna own it and lean into it,” he explained. “We did come in to ruffle feathers to stir the pot, so to get this response means that we did what we came to do.”

The Block 2023 cast wearing hi-vis.
Kristy and Brett claimed they were the only couple this season that didn’t cheat. Photo: Channel Nine

'We're the only team that didn’t cheat'

Kristy and Brett went on to say that their main objective on the show was to call out the “favourites” who were receiving special treatment and make sure everyone was treated equally.

“Besides our scheme to get the Mustang over the line, we’re the only team that didn't cheat,” Kristy claimed, which left the radio hosts shocked.

“Having Steph’s dad working on the property, for example, is against the rules technically,” Brett detailed. “[There was] extra work being done on houses and stuff, or bribing with alcohol to be able to get waterproofing done. These are against the rules. That was down at House 5.”

“We can’t do any spoilers, but a lot is to come in the coming week,” Kristy added.

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The interview comes shortly after a crew member revealed that Kristy and Brett were actually the nicest team during filming.

According to So Dramatic!, one person took to social media to share that their daughter had worked on the Channel Nine reality show and got a firsthand look at the contestants’ behaviours.

“My daughter worked on The Block this year and last year,” they wrote in a popular Facebook group. “She’s a fair judge of character and without tearing into the other contestants, and she could, I can tell you all that out of everyone, Kristy and Brett, and thirdly Ash, showed her the most kindness and respect and were the most down to earth.

“This is an insider's point of view without prejudice, just saying.”

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