The Block fans divided over Leslie's revenge at Leah after budget blow-up

'Two wrongs don't make a right.'

She’s stayed relatively out of the drama throughout this year’s season of The Block, but Tuesday night’s episode saw fan-favourite mum-of-two Leslie snap at fellow competitor Leah.

The pair came to blows during landscaping week when Leah accused Leslie of “playing dirty” and exceeding their budget, despite not knowing exactly how much money they had to spend.

The Block’s Leah and Leslie.
The Block’s Leah accused Leslie of ‘playing dirty’ during landscaping week. Photos: Channel Nine

While Kyle and Leslie had set a fixed quote budget with their landscaper Troy, Leah and Ash believed the couple weren’t paying enough money for their impressive backyard.

Leah brought up her concerns multiple times throughout the episode, with Leslie cooly shutting her down each time.

However, when Leah and Ash confronted their landscaper Troy about his invoices and suggested an audit, Leslie was outraged that her integrity was being questioned on national TV.


She then decided that, without Leah’s knowledge, she would revoke their deal about trading Camerich Block bucks so Leah wouldn’t have enough money to purchase her outdoor furniture.

“People aren’t nice so sometimes you go, you know what? You don’t deserve it,” she remarked in her piece-to-camera interview.

The Block’s Leslie.
Leslie decided to take back her deal with Leah following their confrontation. Photo: Channel Nine

'Two wrongs don't make a right'

Leslie’s “ruthless” act quickly divided viewers on social media, with some people arguing that Leah was right to be concerned about whether everyone was playing by the rules.

“Go Leah for calling it out, they have sooo many trades there they must all be working for a pittance,” one person said, while another added, “Sorry but I agree with Leah calling it out”.

“The questions needed to be asked,” a third wrote.

Fans also called out Leslie for taking back the deal she and Leah had already agreed on, with one viewer commenting: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“I’m sorry that makes Leslie as bad as Leah and Kristy!” someone else remarked, followed by a different user who replied, “Leslie has just sunk to their level or maybe she was always there just better at hiding it”.

“To not tell Leah the voucher won’t be honoured is just as bad if not worse than what Leah is accused of,” another shared.

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However, a majority of viewers believed Leslie’s actions were justified after Leah accused her of cheating.

“Go Leslie! That’s something I would do,” one person remarked, while another added, “Leah definitely crossed a line there. Good for Leslie”.

“Leslie and Kyle are very quickly becoming my favourites. This level of petty is so relatable,” someone else posted.

“When you get attacked and questioned like that you have every right to defend yourself and revoke,” another fan argued.

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