The Block's Kristy and Brett fire back at Eliza's 'smear campaign' against them

Controversial Block couple Kristy and Brett claim Eliza is 'trying to get a radio deal'.

They’re one of the most controversial couples to ever appear on The Block and now Kristy and Brett have hit back at a ‘smear campaign’ they claim Eliza is raging against them.

The couple appeared on Hit Breakfast with Maz & Matty, where they slammed claims they made people cry while on set.

Kristy and Brett on The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett have hit back at Eliza's allegations. Photo: Channel 9

During an episode of the Channel Nine show last week, Eliza said: “I don’t want to speak out of school, but people don’t want to work for them any longer. Sparkies, plumbers … the crew hates being around them, they’ve made four crew cry. They’re constantly told to apologise, so trades will show up.”


Now Kristy and Brett have pulled her up on her allegations, with Brett telling radio hosts Maz and Matty: “I don't know why Eliza's on a smear campaign now, I'm not sure what she's on about. Maybe she's got her own issues that she's trying to cover up or something but yeah, certainly chucking out allegations about making people cry, like the production and crew know exactly what happened.”

Kristy added: “Maybe she's trying to get a radio deal, maybe that's what it is.”

Brett continued: “Look out for your jobs guys, she's coming for your spot in media.”

Eliza and Liberty from House 5 on The Block
Eliza and Liberty from House 5 have had their own clash with House 3. Photo: Channel 9

Tonight viewers will see Kristy and Brett’s upcoming road trip with Eliza and Liberty from House 5, after both teams won master ensuite week.

The teams each received $10,000 for the win and an overnight trip to Scotty's Camelot house from last season.

When asked by the radio hosts if you could cut the tension with the knife on the trip, Kristy and Brett said the excursion didn’t bother them.

“We certainly didn't feel it to be that awkward like we had one confrontation with them and that doesn't really bother us too much. So we're not bad with that. I personally thought it would be a nice idea to carpool up there together,” Brett said, with Kristy adding: “That got shut down pretty quickly.”

Eliza and Liberty from The Block 2023
Eliza and Liberty previously spilled on their post-show feud with Brett and Kristy. Photo: Channel Nine
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Eliza and Liberty call out 'toxic' feud with Kristy and Brett

It comes after Eliza and Liberty opened up about their feud with Kristy and Brett, saying they met each other at an event post-show and it was ‘really toxic’.

Appearing on the Fifi, Fev & Nick show last week, the girls from House 5 delved deeper into their tumultuous fall-out with House 3, saying that things haven’t got any better between them since filming finished.

“It’s really toxic it’s so bad. We saw each other on the weekend, had to be in the same room which was interesting,” Eliza said, with Liberty adding that it was ‘so awkward’.

According to Eliza, when she and Kristy came face-to-face over the weekend, Kristy said to her: “Aw maybe you shouldn’t have gone on reality TV, maybe you’re not cut out for it”

Kristy and Brett on site on The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett have ruffled feathers on The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

“I kind of think I’m perfect for reality TV because I have real emotions and I’m responding as a real human to bad behaviour that I’m seeing,” Eliza said.

“They’re coming on national TV and saying ‘it was all a gameshow to us, everyone knew we were playing games, it was all light-hearted and fun and funny' but I’m like ‘you’re the only one laughing’.”

The 37-year-old personal assistant went on to say: “It’s really gross to us and challenging us morally and ethically now off the show more than ever.”

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