The Block: Surprise update in Kristy and Leah's friendship at Open For Inspections

A lot has changed since the last time fans saw Kristy and Leah on The Block.

They've had quite a tumultuous relationship on this year’s season of The Block, beginning as best friends who did everything together before becoming enemies who couldn’t stand to be in the same room as one another.

However, it appears Kristy and Leah patched up their friendship in the months between completing their renovations and filming the Open For Inspections day two weeks ago.

The Block’s Kristy and Leah.
The Block’s Kristy and Leah have returned to being friends since completing their renovations. Photos: Channel Nine

During Monday night’s episode, the season 19 cast reunited to allow members of the public to walk through their Charming Street properties.

While Steph, Leslie, Eliza and Liberty all got their hair and make-up done together at House 5, fans were surprised to see frenemies Leah and Kristy getting ready together later in the morning.


The pair shared plenty of laughs around the kitchen bench as they told producers they had buried the hatchet outside of filming.

“You know what is just so bizarre, Kristy and I never spoke since that kitchen chat,” Leah said. “And yet, [with] the perspective of life, all of it became petty nonsense, so swords are down.”

“You can’t pick your neighbours, right,” Kristy remarked.

The women also appeared to poke fun at their former rivalry, with Leah joking: “You stay on that side of the bench, I’ll stay on mine. Settle down, crusty.”

The Block’s Kristy and Leah hugging.
Leah said she had Kristy have put their 'swords' down since filming wrapped. Photo: Channel Nine

It’s believed Kristy and Leah have hung out numerous times since filming the reality show, with a source telling Yahoo Lifestyle that they enjoyed hanging out together at Nine’s Upfront event earlier this month.

Meanwhile, sisters Eliza and Liberty have continued their rivalry with Kristy and Brett post-show, labelling them as “nasty” and “mean” in recent media interviews.

“They’re exactly the same on camera as they are off camera from what we've experienced,” Liberty told KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren last week.

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The sisters also said they will need “therapy” if Kristy and Brett’s house sells for a lot of money, which the married couple have since said was “spiteful”.

“Oh, you’re the fan favourite and you want to seek therapy after we make money for putting our lives on hold? Yikes,” Kristy told The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick on Thursday.

“We will hug everyone, we’ll be so excited for everyone that makes money. And when we make a little bit more money than them, they should hopefully do that in return.”

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