The Block's Eliza and Liberty spill on 'really toxic' post-show feud with Kristy and Brett

Eliza and Liberty have detailed the 'awkward' encounter they had with Kristy and Brett over the weekend.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have opened up about their feud with Kristy and Brett, saying they met each other at an event last weekend and it was ‘really toxic’.

Appearing on the Fifi, Fev & Nick show, the girls from House 5 delved deeper into their tumultuous fall-out with House 3, saying that things haven’t got any better between them since filming finished.

Eliza and Liberty from The Block 2023
Eliza and Liberty have spilled on their post-show feud with Brett and Kristy. Photo: Channel Nine

“It’s really toxic it’s so bad. We saw each other on the weekend, had to be in the same room which was interesting,” Eliza said, with Liberty adding that it was ‘so awkward’.


According to Eliza, when she and Kristy came face-to-face over the weekend, Kristy said to her: “Aw maybe you shouldn’t have gone on reality TV, maybe you’re not cut out for it”

“I kind of think I’m perfect for reality TV because I have real emotions and I’m responding as a real human to bad behaviour that I’m seeing,” Eliza said.

“They’re coming on national TV and saying ‘it was all a gameshow to us, everyone knew we were playing games, it was all light-hearted and fun and funny' but I’m like ‘you’re the only one laughing’.”

Kristy and Brett from The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett have caused a lot of controversy on this year's season of the show. Photo: Channel Nine
The Block Kristy Leah and Steph
The show has been slammed as 'toxic' this year. Photo: Channel 9

The 37-year-old personal assistant went on to say: “It’s really gross to us and challenging us morally and ethically now off the show more than ever.”

When asked what they’ll do if Kristy and Brett’s house sells for a lot of money, Liberty said: “We have said we’re gonna have to get therapy.

“If that happens, it’s almost for us a reward for bad behaviour, and we need justice.

“I will not be hugging. I’m not gonna be fake. We’re not gonna align with people who don’t morally and ethically align to us”

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Kristy and Brett on site on The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett said they had a 'game plan' going into the show. Photo: Channel Nine

Eliza went on to say that the group WhatsApp ‘diminished the day the show started,’ and they’ve now all got their separate groups.

“Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett have realigned again post-show which we just can’t understand and is rubbing us up the wrong way a little bit,” Liberty said.

“We can’t understand why Leah and Ash want to realign themselves with these people again when they’re seeing what they’re seeing on TV.”

'Secret meeting'

An insider revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle this week that the real reason behind Leah’s change of heart has to do with a ‘secret meeting’ she had with House 5’s Eliza, where afterwards she tried to ‘free herself from an impending backlash’ in being associated with Kristy.

“What Channel Nine will not show the viewers was the secret meeting between Eliza and Leah that changes everything for House 2,” our source says.

The Block's Leah and Ash standing on site
The latest episodes of the show sees Leah and Ash turn on Kristy and Brett. Photo: Channel Nine

“Halfway through filming the 2023 season Eliza pulled Leah aside and gave her some industry advice. Eliza has worked in media for over ten years and has a wealth of knowledge on how these shows get made. She took it upon herself to share some of her knowledge with Leah and Ash and to be fair her advice was bang on the money.”

According to our insider, Eliza essentially said: “Stop what you're doing now or you will be chased out of town,” which led to a much bigger conversation.

According to our source, Leah claimed she wanted to pursue a career in TV, with Eliza immediately giving her some frank advice.

“Eliza put on her television producer pants and explained, ‘Leah, you are being set up as the villain of the series, and if you keep it up - your dreams of being a TV Presenter will be crushed forever’.

“It was quickly explained that if she didn't start apologising to the other houses and start making Kristy accountable she should kiss her television ambitions goodbye.”

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