The Block's Leah and Ash reveal the real reason they've cut ties with Kristy and Brett post-show

After some self-reflecting Leah and Ash appear to have no chance of a reconciliation with Kristy and Brett.

They were the best of friends from the moment the cameras started rolling on The Block but now Leah and Ash have revealed their post-show relationship with Kristy and Brett is ‘non-existent’.

Last week, a tense conversation saw the couples appear to go their separate ways, with Leah claiming she and husband Ash “got really overtaken” by Kristy and Brett “and their strong personalities”.

Now, Leah and Ash have opened up to Woman’s Day about what things are like between the couples post-show and spoiler, it’s not good.

Leah and Ash on The Block 2023
Leah and Ash have spilled on their post-show feud with Kristy and Brett. Photo: Channel Nine

"We are non-existent to them now," Leah told the publication.

"It was almost a one-sided friendship. It's constantly been me trying to say, 'Hey, I just want you guys to say sorry to the others'."


Ash revealed that he and Leah did a bit of self-reflecting on the show and realised they weren't coming off how they wanted to appear to their kids.

"A big thing for me was that our boy watches this show, and I didn't want him to see me on there setting a bad example," Ash said.

"At the end of the day, we called it out and it's fractured things. We never wanted them to be like that... their attitude is like, 'We don't even need this, let's just go home,' and we were getting categorised in that."

Kristy and Brett on Channel 9's The Block
They've cut ties with Kristy and Brett post-show. Photo: Channel Nine

Last week, in an interview with, Leah said the ramifications of the conversation between the couples are still being felt today.

“This affected the rest of my experience on The Block. Some serious, deep issues went on. At the moment, most of the cast are trying to stay very positive and professional,” Leah said.

When asked by the publication if she and Ash were ‘realigning’ themselves with Kristy and Brett post-show, Leah said: “There is absolutely no realigning (with Kristy and Brett). It’s not fair that that rumour sparked up when no one has the facts”.

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The Block Leah, Kristy and Brett
The Block couples came head-to-head last week. Photo: Channel 9

Eliza and Liberty spill on couples 'realigning'

It comes after House 5’s Eliza and Liberty appeared on the Fifi, Fev & Nick show last week to claim that the group WhatsApp ‘diminished the day the show started,’ and they’ve now all got their separate groups.

“Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett have realigned again post-show which we just can’t understand and is rubbing us up the wrong way a little bit,” Liberty said.

“We can’t understand why Leah and Ash want to realign themselves with these people again when they’re seeing what they’re seeing on TV.”

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