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The clever earring storage solution shoppers say is a 'lifesaver'

Keep your earrings and necklaces beautifully accessible.

If you have a jewellery box piled with a jumble of tangled earrings that you never wear, you're not alone. The average woman owns thousands of dollars worth of jewellery, but 70% of us prefer to wear the same pieces over and over again instead of rummaging through our collection to mix things up.

Now jewellery collectors have discovered YOBI's clever way of storing pieces without them getting tangled, muddled or lost.

"This has been a lifesaver," raved one happy customer in an online review. "So nice to see everything at a glance rather than scrambling around in a dish. It's so beautiful too," agreed another.

YOBI earring holder full of different coloured earrings
YOBI has a range of earring holders that make it easier than ever to find your favourite accessories in a flash. Photo: Supplied

The clever design is the brainchild of Victorian-based designer Min, who was fed up with struggling to find jewellery in her messy drawer. She decided to make her own earring holder; something simple and sustainable that could hold a range of earring styles. Fast forward four years and holders from her brand YOBI have sold out multiple times.

The stands are fully customisable and come with different insert options to store necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches, so your jewellery is always easy to find and wear.

Now, they're restocked in time for Christmas and when you buy one, you'll get a second one for half price, for a limited time only.

Original adjustable stand

This comes with adjustable inserts for maximum customisation, and holds every earring style. There are vertical slots on each insert so you can hold earrings without having to remove the backings.

It's double sided for additional storage, and fully customisable with different insert options to store other jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches.

You can also add a rotating base for easy access to both sides.

Adjustable earring stand filled with different coloured earrings
Original adjustable earring stand from YOBI. Photo: Supplied

Hanging holder

Perfect if you have limited surface space, this turns storage into decor. It's adjustable so lets you decide where earring holes are positioned on the organiser, giving you full control of its configuration. It can also come with necklace hooks.

Hand adjusting hanging earring holder on wall; Hand placing earring on hanging holder
Hanging earring holder from YOBI. Photo: Supplied


Hanging metal holder

Available in white or black metal, this is coated with a protective layer for rust prevention and enhanced durability — perfect for withstanding different weather. The design features adjustable inserts for easy customisation so you can space jewellery pieces apart to prevent tangling.

Hanging metal earring holder in black on bedroom wall; Woman adjusting hanging metal earring holder in white
Hanging metal earring holder from YOBI. Photo: Supplied

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