Sunrise shake-up: New star joins the breakfast show panel

Sunrise viewers tuning in on Monday would have noticed a different face at the desk.

Channel 7’s breakfast show Sunrise had a panel shake-up on Monday, with resident sports reporter Mark Beretta noticeably absent from the desk.

Instead, joining hosts Kochie and Nat was reporter Katie Brown, a much-loved addition to the show.

The former Channel 7 Brisbane sports reporter and radio presenter took to Instagram to post a carousel of pictures from the ‘fun day’ at Sunrise.

Katie Brown on the Sunrise desk with Nat, Kochie and Edwina
Katie Brown joined the Sunrise desk on Monday. Photo: Instagram/Katie Brown

“Got to sit with the big kids today, even got to wear my favourite colour ☺️,” she captioned the series of snaps.

Mark Beretta commented on the post saying: “Great job KB!!!🔥🙌👏👏👏👏”

It's believed Mark took the day off to host a Run Army Australia charity event in Brisbane.

It seems the Sunrise viewers were also taken with Kate, with one person writing:” Loved seeing you on this morning you make me smile”.


Sunrise desk
Katie appeared at ease as she laughed with the hosts. Photo: Instagram/Katie Brown
Katie Brown on Sunrise
Katie filled in for sports reporter Mark Beretta. Photo: Instagram/Katie Brown

It comes after Katie uploaded a snap alongside Princess Mary, during her recent trip to Australia. Katie can be seen beaming as Princess Mary rides through Hyde Park on a bicycle.

“Hey, Princess Mary!” Katie shouted after being encouraged by the breakfast show’s host Natalie Barr to ask a question. “Are you enjoying your time?”

To Katie’s surprise, Mary turned to her and responded: “Yes, I’m looking forward to this bike ride very much. It’s a beautiful day.”

“Great to have you back in Australia,” Katie said, to which Mary replied with a smile, “Thank you so much, it’s wonderful to be here”.

Mark Beretta
It's believed Mark took the day off to host a Run Army Australia charity event in Brisbane. Instagram/Mark Beretta

The Sunrise panel shift comes in the midst of Kochie’s retirement rumours. Despite being plagued with questions about his role on the show, the 66-year-old recently signed on for two more years with the network.

It’s believed Kochie plans to stay on as host of Sunrise, while having more flexibility in the role.


According to the Daily Mail, the work arrangement gives Kochie more time to spend with his wife Libby and their children and grandchildren.

"I'm grateful to James and Kerry Stokes that they approached it this way," Kochie said.

"I've had long chats with both of them, and they asked me is there a way to come up with a plan that gives you the flexibility you want, and gives you a connection to the network and a continuing focus on Sunrise. I love it dearly. So I'm really fortunate to have the best of all worlds."

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