Sunrise's Nat Barr tears up live on-air during emotional interview: 'So sorry'

The Sunrise hosts were interviewing Belinda and Brett Beasley about their late son.

Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr was reduced to tears on Wednesday, after interviewing distraught parents Belinda and Brett Beasley, who sadly lost their son Jack Beasley in 2019. Their son died after suffering a knife wound to his chest at just 17 years old, causing the couple to campaign for stricter laws in Queensland.

After years of working closely with the state’s police force, a bill titled ‘Jack’s Law’ has been introduced to Queensland’s parliament. If legislation gets passed, it will allow Queensland’s police officers to search for weapons on public transport and in nightlife districts.

Belinda and Brett Beasley on Sunrise
Jack's parents were overcome with emotion during their Today show appearance. Photo: Seven

The parents are hoping that a similar bill can eventually be implemented Australia-wide to help curb knife crime.

Nat looked emotional as she said the whole process must be “bittersweet” for the pair, asking Belinda what her son would have thought of their campaign.

“I think he would be very, very proud of us, I hope he would be anyway,” Belinda replied, before choking up. “It’s gonna save lives, which is what our aim has been from the start.”

Nat apologised for bringing Belinda to tears, while Kochie called the couple “remarkable people”.


After the interview wrapped up, Nat couldn’t help but let her emotions show, tearing up as David 'Kochie' Koch comforted her.

“God, they, the fact that they have to do it. I’m so sorry for them,” she said, while Kochie placed a hand on her back.

Sunrise fans applauded Nat’s “human” response, saying that it was a really sad situation.

“Nice to see this level of emotion from journalists, she has young kids — how could you not empathise!” one fan wrote on social media.

Sunrise's David 'Kochie' Koch comforts Natalie Barr as she cries
Sunrise's David 'Kochie' Koch placed a hand on Natalie Barr's back to comfort her. Photo: Seven

“Nat, never apologise for showing you care. Watching Jack’s parents was not easy. I’m sure most of us couldn’t help but feel sorry and sadness for these wonderful people,” another added.

“It shows she is human, love you Nat,” a third assured the host.

Others shared their heartache for the Bealey family and praised their strength.

“Such incredible parents, their son would be so proud of them,” one wrote.

“This couple doing ‘Jack’s Law’ are the heroes though. Working a program to make things better after losing their son…powerful people,” another added.

“Finally there will be laws in place to help stamp out knife crime. Jack’s parents didn’t only fight fo their son. They fought for all of those lost,” a third pointed out.

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