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This desk will save your back and boost your productivity: 'Next level'

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If Covid taught us anything, it's that working from home on a makeshift desk is no good for your physical or mental health. If you're still working from home in 2023, wouldn't you say it's about time you invested in a proper workstation?

The EverDesk is a smart, high-tech, standing desk built specifically to improve your work-life balance by improving your mental and physical wellness.

Woman standing at EverDesk
The EverDesk is designed to help your mental and physical wellness with a range of smart controls. Photo: EverDesk

It comes with an inbuilt "Health Coach Controller" which allows you to program a personalised sit-stand reminder. All you need to do is set it up and then wait for a gentle vibration to remind you to stand up at certain intervals.

The designers at EverDesk believe that a clutter-free desk means a clutter-free mind. To help keep the desk as tidy as possible, there's a one-track system at the back to organise cables, mounts and monitor arms.


There's a range of accessories you can attach to the desk, including pegboards to clip documents to, modular shelves to allow you more vertical space, and single or dual monitor arms that attach to the desk. You can personalise the desk however you see fit; it's able to be configured in more than a thousand different ways to suit your ergonomic preferences.

EverDesk with different accessories
The EverDesk is customisable so you can add accessories and adjust it to suit your personal needs. Photo: EverDesk

It also features an anti-wobble structure and anti-collision system, so you don't have to be worried about banging into anything, and the extended range of 60 to 124cm so it's guaranteed to fit your body - no matter how tall you are.

Users love the versatility of the desk. "It's made such a huge difference in terms of my productivity," says one fan. "It's next level." Another agrees: "It's great for games and great for work. It suits everyone."

Plus, for a limited time, you can get $280 off the EverDesk by using code DREAMDESK at checkout.

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