Sunrise hosts' heated debate over new hot cross bun flavour: 'Love it'

The TV presenters were divided over the limited edition release.

Sunrise’s on-air team of presenters were left divided this week after Coles announced a new range of hot cross buns that have arrived in store, including a Coles Special Burger Sauce flavour.

The flavour is described as a “saucy sensation”, with the buns filled with diced pickles, topped with cheese and infused with the supermarket’s popular condiment.

Sunrise's Nat Barr and Mark Beretta.
The Sunrise team were divided over Coles’ new range of hot cross buns. Photos: Channel Seven

Edwina Bartholomew was disgusted by the savoury treat when she presented the news on-air, asking: “Why corrupt the hot cross bun?

“Just have a cheese and bacon roll or a cheese and Vegemite scroll?”

However, her colleagues appeared to support the limited edition release, with sports presenter Mark Beretta encouraging Eddy to “branch out and try something new”.


“Some of us don’t like a hot cross bun because of the fruit,” Natalie Barr said sheepishly, to which Eddy replied: “Well don’t eat the hot cross bun then.”

“I think it’s brilliant actually,” Mark added, followed by Nat who said, “I love it, it’s like a pizza bun.”

Eddy couldn’t seem to get over the new bakery item and questioned why Coles has to label it as a ‘hot cross bun’ at all.

“They’ve said, ‘We want Eddy to talk about it on Sunrise news’, and voilà. It’s great marketing,” David ‘Kochie’ Koch joked.

When Eddy ended the segment saying she would be going to Baker’s Delight for a cheese and bacon roll instead, her co-stars groaned and called her a “party pooper”.

Coles Special Burger Sauce hot cross buns.
Mark Beretta said the new Special Burger Sauce hot cross buns are ‘brilliant’. Photo: Coles

'Stick to the original'

Sunrise’s viewers also appeared to be outraged by the new flavour, with a majority of people siding with Eddy on social media.

“That's a 'no' from me,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Stick to the original”.

“I'm totally with Eddie on this!” a third shared. “A hot cross bun is a hot cross bun… not a cheese and Vegemite scroll or a pickle and burger sauce stuff up.”

“Leave the hot cross buns as the original, why does everything have to be changed?” someone else commented.

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