Stranded on Honeymoon Island tipped to be 'bigger than MAFS' after re-edits

EXCLUSIVE: The new reality show has been delayed ‘due to more money being thrown at it’.

Stranded on Honeymoon Island trailer.
Stranded on Honeymoon Island has been dubbed ‘the most radical and extreme dating experiment ever seen on television’. Photos: Channel Seven

Prepare to have the Married At First Sight-shaped hole in your heart filled with Channel Seven’s upcoming reality show, Stranded on Honeymoon Island. The brand new series, which is narrated by beloved broadcaster and TV personality Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, has been dubbed “the most radical and extreme dating experiment ever seen on television”.

“Australians have never seen a show like this before,” an insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Producers have confirmed the show has some really compelling storylines which will overshadow the bonkers premise.”


From the producers of MAFS, Farmer Wants A Wife and Love Triangle, Stranded On Honeymoon Island follows 12 singles who have been unlucky in love. The show begins with a speed dating event where participants will be paired off and “marry” each other, but instead of being whisked away on a nice honeymoon, they will be dropped on a remote island in the South Pacific with nothing but their wedding attire.

They'll remain on the island for three weeks as they get to know each other, with Channel Seven describing the concept as removing people from “all modern dating obstacles, with no devices, no distractions, and nowhere to hide”.

While a few Australian female voices have been attached to the project, our insider says radio queen Jackie ‘O’ Henderson was always at the top of Seven’s list.

“Adding Jackie O was a boss move as the popular radio host did not come cheap,” confirms our source. “They had toyed with a few other names but it was clear they wanted a big star with a recognisable brand to narrate what’s predicted to be the raciest show ever seen on the network.

“When you get your chequebook out for the highest-paid female radio host in the country you know you have faith in your product.”

Stranded on Honeymoon Island trailer / narrator Jackie 'O' Henderson.
Jackie ‘O’ Henderson will serve as the show’s narrator. Photos: Channel Seven / Instagram/jackieo_official

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Stranded on Honeymoon Island was scheduled to be on our screens by now, however, Seven delayed the premiere “due to more money being thrown at it”.

“Channel Nine owns the ratings when MAFS and The Block are on screen and industry insiders are predicting Stranded on Honeymoon Island is now scheduled to go up against The Block straight after the Olympics,” our source shares, adding that it will be “a real showdown for the free-to-air networks”.

It’s believed the new reality series has been in the can for over a year, with the participants being told this week that the show still does not have an official airdate.

“We were all told early 2024 and that has obviously not happened,” one of the participants tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Our insider reveals that Channel Seven executives have a lot of faith the series will resonate with fans after seeing an early screening of episode one.

“The brief was to find a concept that will win over similar audiences to MAFS and while other dating shows have fallen away this new format is expected to be bigger and better than any season of MAFS screened in Australia,” they share.


“Audiences are ready for a new take on young people finding new love and this show is like nothing ever seen in Australia.”

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