Jackie O rages at listener after they confess to wild cheating allegation on-air

The radio queen was fuming at the man's shock confession.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.
Jackie ‘O’ Henderson raged at a listener who confessed to cheating on their partner at his bucks party. Photos: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

From political interviews to ‘naked dating’ segments, listeners never quite know what to expect when they tune into The Kyle and Jackie O Show. This week was certainly no different when a caller was exposed for cheating on his fiancée with a stripper at his bucks party.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson was outraged when she learned about the man’s infidelity by speaking to the topless waitress, Summer, who was involved in the controversial affair. The mistress called the anonymous groom live on-air which quickly turned into a fiery interrogation from Jackie.

“Does the name Summer ring a bell?” she asked the man, who had no idea what he had gotten himself into when he answered the call.

“Summer, what’s going on?” he asked. “Hold on, wait a minute. I’m with Kyle and Jackie O and Summer, what’s going on?”


Summer, who said they had a “real connection” and had been on a handful of dates since meeting, questioned whether the man still planned on going through with his wedding or if he was going to leave his fiancée to be with her.

“Well I’m in a happy relationship,” he responded bluntly. “I’m getting married soon. And you know once I get married, I told you, we can’t continue this once I’m married.”

“I love my fiancée. I’ve told you this, what we have is just for fun. I thought I was as transparent and open as possible.”

While Jackie asked why he would do something that would “destroy and hurt” his partner if he really loved her, Kyle Sandilands appeared to side with the groom when he said Summer was in the wrong for exposing their affair on air.

“I don’t appreciate being dragged in front of the whole of Australia like this, I’m not having that,” the groom said, to which Kyle replied, “You’re right, she’s done you dirty”.

“Men have feelings too, you know. Men have feelings,” Kyle added.


A video of the wild phone conversation quickly racked up over half a million views on TikTok and Instagram, with a majority of followers sharing their hope that the man's fiancée finds out.

“I was like proper pissed listening to this, what an absolute tosser!!! I hope Summer finds a way to contact his partner and let her know the truth. So cruel!” one person wrote while another added, “Hopefully the fiancé is listening and gets out before it’s too late”.

“Surely someone will recognise the voice and they will break up soon,” a third remarked.

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