The shocking amount MAFS stars are earning on OnlyFans

It's common for Married At First Sight stars to join OnlyFans after appearing on the show, with some making an absolute fortune on the subscription-based site.

While it can seem like a quick cash grab, Yahoo Lifestyle understands that the most successful stars follow a carefully planned business model on how to keep men subscribed and engaged. This involves starting with topless content, and progressing until the content becomes more X-rated.

Married At First Sight's Jessika Power poses in a christmas themed corset, advertising her OnlyFans account.
Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has an extremely popular OnlyFans account, raking in a fortune. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

Jessika Power

This 2019 MAFS star only joined OnlyFans in August last year, but has become one of the most successful brides on the platform. A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Jessika pulled in an estimated $200,000 on her biggest month, and she’s so popular that she regularly gets direct messages from other MAFS stars wanting to collaborate.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the star, as she experienced a huge backlash when she joined the adult subscription site. Sharing a photo of herself in lingerie alongside screenshots of negative comments about her decision, she wrote: “I’m doing what any confident, beautiful female would do in this day and age.

"Ladies and men please know from me to you, that you should never feel ashamed, embarrassed or guilty for sharing yourself on any app. It’s your body, it’s your mind and it’s your life – do with it what you want.”


MAFS star Hayley Vernon poses for the camera in a low cut purple lingerie set.
Hayley Vernon has been investing wisely, using her earnings to buy property. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

Hayley Vernon

Hayley was a bride in 2020, and she’s been open with how much her life has changed since joining OnlyFans. The star claims to be in the top 0.2% of creators worldwide, and charges $10 per month. A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she earns $600,000 a year by posting her X-rated content on the site.

She broke down in tears in September 2021, as she recalled how the platform helped her build her dream house. She told her followers on social media: “I could never ever have imagined or dreamt about the life that I’ve got now. Not in a thousand years did I think I’d be this incredibly blessed.”

“My home is getting built across the road – every night I’m going to see this, and it gets me. It gets me f**king good. I did it. I f**king did it,” she said.

Mishel Karen

The 51-year-old grandmother seemed like an unlikely candidate for OnlyFans, but she has raved about the freedom it has given her family. In an appearance on Spencer Pratt’s Looped series Judge Me, she shared how much she’s earning.

“The first month I made almost $500 and I thought, “Wow, this is awesome!” I’m a single mum and $500 for me was groceries, I could pay a bit of the bills,” she remembered.

She now supposedly earns up to $30,000 a month, with her content now becoming more explicit.

Seb Guilhaus is nude as he kisses his girlfriend Ania in lingerie. They are promoting their decision to join OnlyFans.
Seb Guilhaus shocked fans with his decision to join OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

Seb Guilhaus

Seb made a splash earlier this year when he announced he was joining OnlyFans with his girlfriend Ania. Sharing a scantily class photo of the pair kissing, they faced severe backlash from fans accusing him of “cheapening” himself.

Addressing the controversy on social media, he wrote: “I don’t see anything wrong with being empowered sexually with someone I’m close to…and hopefully empowering others to embrace a very important part of life…no one is being hurt and no one is being forced to explore this…lots of love everyone.”

The couple’s OnlyFans subscription cost is $9.99 per month, and in an early Q&A Seb wrote: “When Ania and I met a big focus was developing our sexual connection…Understanding each other, our bodies and lower walls lead to us to reaching orgasm."

There are also publicly viewable captions, with one teasing a “full frontal” image of the couple and another claiming to be the “sexiest” videos the pair has ever made.

Domenica Calarco

One of last year’s most popular brides, Domenica found herself at the centre of a nude photo leak during her season of Married At First Sight. Fellow bride Olivia Frazer found a photo Domenica had posted on OnlyFans and shared it with other participants.

Domenica is very sex positive, and commissioned a giant mural of herself topless with the slogan “My body, my choice b*tch”, taking aim at Olivia. It’s unknown if Domenica will continue using her OnlyFans account now the show has aired, as she’s become ‘hot property’, signing with a top management agency and dropping her Showpo fashion collection recently.

Alana Lister

The bubbly teacher from season eight has always been open to sharing raunchy photos of herself on social media and joined OnlyFans last year. She has been praised for being an “inspiring and confident” role model, after captioning a lingerie photo with “educate your sons, don’t shame your daughters.” After launching with a subscription price of $20 per month, her cost now sits at $9.95.

However, the Daily Mail reported that Alana has over 3,000 subscribers, which would mean she rakes in almost $30,000 a month. The star also confessed that she gets some odd requests to ‘rate’ or ‘humiliate’ men’s penises, saying: “I’ve had a few people ask me to send them videos of me degrading their d**ks.”

Married At First Sight star Alana Lister poses nude in a bathtub, with bubbles covering explicit areas.
Alana Lister is extremely open and considered by many as an 'inspiring' role model. Photo: Instagram/alana.lister

Ines Basic

The 2019 bride joined OnlyFans in July last year, and has set her OnlyFans subscription cost at $10 a month. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she revealed she made $80,000 in her first month, with her fans going crazy for her content.

Ines claims she’s “very active” on her OnlyFans account, saying that it gives her the “opportunity to connect on a more personal and intimate level.” Her only regret is that she wishes she joined the subscription-based website sooner.

Stacey Hampton

Season seven bride Stacey joined OnlyFans in May 2021, and shocked fans with the expensive price tag of $35 per month. She has since lowered her price to $11.99 per month, and claims that she shares exclusive content with specials every week.

The single mum opened up on YouTube about why she couldn’t find a job using her law degree, saying that she wanted to be more present for her two children, Kosta and Cruz.

“Not many law firms like to take on people who only want three days a week,” she revealed.

Olivia Frazer posing in tan colouured lingerie and red lipstick.
Olivia Frazer shocked fans when she admitted she's open to the idea of joining OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

Olivia Frazer

In a strange turn of events, Olivia mentioned on social media that she would be open to starting an OnlyFans account with her partner Jackson Lonie.

Known as being the MAFS ‘villain’ on season nine, viewers accused the star for “sl*t shaming” after she shared a naked photo of Domenica among the other participants.

While answering fan questions on Instagram earlier this month, the ex-teacher revealed she was “absolutely not opposed to it”, adding, “It’s good money…I don’t know, maybe.”

She has previously admitted that it has been hard for her to find a job since the show aired, and has had to give up on her dream of being a teacher.

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