MAFS fans blast Olivia over shock admission: 'Gaslighting'

MAFS fans were stunned on Sunday night when Olivia Frazer admitted she has no empathy after exposing Domenica Calarco's nude photo and sharing it around the group.

The teaching assistant made the confession while she was being questioned by the show's experts about the OnlyFans scandal.

MAFS' Olivia
MAFS fans were stunned on Sunday night when Olivia made a shock admission over the OnlyFans scandal. Photo: Nine

The experts were shocked at how Olivia had never considered that what she had done was bad, with Alessandra Rampolla telling her, "This situation was created by the decision for whatever reason that you had to grab your phone and show other people."

"That decision that you took in that moment, changed the rest of everything that happened. And [the conflict] would have been avoided if you simply respected somebody else's privacy."


Olivia attempted to shut the questioning down by saying, "It just wasn't a big deal," and claiming that the photo wasn't private because she was able to find it online.

"Maybe there's a little room there for a little human empathy," Alessandra added.

"As far as empathy... I just don't have it," Olivia said, shocking the people in the room as well as the viewers at home.

MAFS experts
The experts were unimpressed by Olivia's actions and tried to make her take responsibility for what she did. Photo: Nine
MAFS' Jackson and Olivia
Viewers were shocked to hear Olivia claim she has no empathy and slammed Jackson for not calling her out on her actions. Photo: Nine

One viewer wrote that a lack of empathy and remorse is seen as a sign of "psychopathy", adding that she was also "gaslighting".

"Olivia's not even a villain you can love," another wrote. "She's just gross."

"Olivia said she does not have empathy...So we not going to talk about someone saying they have a marker for being a sociopath and or psychopath but okay," a third said. "But she sitting there crying as though she is the victim."

"Wait so Olivia thinks that Dom can dish it out but not take it, but as soon as the experts hold Olivia accountable, she turns herself into the victim?" someone else wrote.

"Wow watching Olivia justify her actions on the couch... No accountability... no empathy, no worries," another said. "Girl has issues! You can bet your bottom $ if the photo was of her she would lose her mind."

"Olivia: 'Dom can dish it out but she can’t take it,' Also Olivia: cries like a baby the very instant she is given extremely light criticism by the experts," another fed up viewer wrote.

MAFS' Jack and Domenica
Jack and Dom looked on in shock as Olivia shared that she has no empathy. Photo: Nine

Others questioned why the experts didn't go harder on Olivia and Jackson.

"The experts were way too easy on Olivia why wasn’t she kicked off the show," one user wrote.

"Olivia got off lightly. That was not the scolding we wanted to see," another added.

Some also slammed Jackson for supporting Olivia and calling the photo leak "probably bad".

"Olivia is a person who lies, deflects & is a massive hypocrite & bully... Jackson enables her," one viewer wrote.

"How can Jackson sit up so straight without a spine?" another joked.

In a dramatic trailer for Monday night's episode, Olivia tells Jackson, "I'm just like, questioning why we should bother staying here."

"Why should I give the experiment any more of my time?" she later says in front of the cameras.

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