MAFS’ Alana Lister reveals price for uncensored OnlyFans content

Married At First Sight’s Alana Lister has become the latest reality TV star to join the adult content subscription service OnlyFans.

The season 8 contestant is charging subscribers $20 a month to access uncensored photos and videos that she says wouldn’t be allowed on social media.

Alana on MAFS and posing on the beach in a bikini.
A subscription to Alana's OnlyFans account costs $20 a month. Photos: Instagram/alana.lister

“I had all these bikini and lingerie pics from shoots that I didn't upload to Instagram because they seemed a little too sexual,” she told Daily Mail.

The 30-year-old also said that she was “sick of the Karens” trying to tell her what she can and can’t post online.

“People have a problem with anything I do either way. Women should be allowed to feel sexy,” she said.


Alana has gained 100k followers on Instagram since her appearance on Married At First Sight earlier this year, and regularly posts outspoken content empowering women.

The primary school teacher has also been praised by fans for being an “inspiring and confident” role model.

“Educate your sons, don’t shame your daughters,” she captioned a lingerie photo earlier this year.

Alana wearing lingerie.
Alana has been praised as an inspiring and confident role model by fans. Photo: Instagram/@alana.lister

While Alana is currently the only participant from the most recent season of MAFS to start an OnlyFans account, she joins a number of the show’s previous contestants on the website.

Ines Basic, who starred on the show’s sixth season, recently told Daily Mail that she has already earned $80k since joining OnlyFans earlier this month.

Season 7 star Stacey Hampton joined the subscription service in May, charging $19.99 a month for her exclusive content.

Meanwhile, her on-screen husband Michael Goonan teased earlier this month that he and his girlfriend, fitness model Cheyenne Donaghey, might be signing up for the website.

2020 contestant Hayley Vernon also charges $15 on the site and claims that she is in the top 0.4% of creators worldwide.

Hayley Vernon.
Season 7 star Hayley says she is in the top 0.4% of OnlyFans creators worldwide. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

When Hayley announced her decision to join the website as a content creator last year, fans on Instagram were divided in the comments.

However, one person said that Hayley should be applauded for joining OnlyFans as she has the right to monetise her own content.

“Men sexualise women’s bodies to make money for literally EVERY product marketing and no one bats an eyelid,” the fan commented.

“A woman takes it into her own hands and makes her own money using her own body and other women shame her. Shame on you.”

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