MAFS 2022 stars who have quit their day jobs – and those who can't afford to

It has been revealed a number of Married At First Sight stars have quit their day jobs since the reality show aired, but there are some who just can't afford to do so.

Yahoo Lifestyle can exclusively reveal what each of the cast members are up to now, who are being offered golden opportunities, and which ones have returned to their humble beginnings.

MAFS cast at Fitzy and Wippa's dinner party.
This year's MAFS cast members have experienced plenty of career changes since starring on the show. Photo: Supplied

Brent Vitiello

After being booked out for the next few months with club appearances, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal Brent has quietly walked away from managing Double Bay hotspot Sinaloa Sydney. The in-demand groom is also planning on flying over to the UK soon after earning a legion of fans over there.


Al Perkins

Yahoo Lifestyle understands carpenter Al has decided to temporarily put his tools down after asking his employer if he could take a few months off work. He is focusing on new opportunities coming his way since appearing on season nine of MAFS.

It’s reported that talent management companies and casting producers in London are keen to snap up the breakout star as soon as the season wraps in the UK and he's out of contract. One British casting producer tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “Al is made for reality TV and a natural fit for most UK shows, where there's big money to be made.”

Al says, however, he is still around to help his employer on the odd day if they need an extra pair of hands.

Al Perkins outside a McDonalds.
Al Perkins may be seeking new opportunities in the UK. Source: Instagram/Al Perkins

Domenica Calarco

The makeup artist is tipped to be one of the show's most in-demand contestants ever and has signed with the management company that represents both Karl Stefanovic and Natalie Barr.

She's been busy pursuing new opportunities since filming wrapped and has been too flat out to return to her life as a makeup artist. The star has also teamed up with fashion brand Showpo to drop her own collection.

Ella Ding

The fan favourite bride is pivoting from her career as a beautician to a brand ambassador for huge beauty brands. Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal there are a number of fashion and beauty brands desperate to work with her, but she is taking a considered approach and doesn't just want to accept any deal that comes her way.

"She wants to use her platform to try and build her dream career in the beauty industry," a source tells us. "Ella has no interest in quick cash grabs."

Ella has the highest number of followers out of all the season nine MAFS stars, with 582,000 on Instagram.

Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding show off their matching tattoos.
Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding are still friends following the show. Source: Instagram/Domenica Calarco

Olivia Frazer

The season nine villain has had to abandon her dream of becoming a teacher as it's 'not possible' to return to the classroom right now.

After she was seen interviewing for a position at makeup giant Mecca, she revealed she was struggling to find work after a string of unsuccessful job interviews. She said she would take anything and joked for Kmart to hit her up. She was considering a retail job to pay the bills, save for a house and travel. However she revealed during an Instagram Q&A that she was no longer unemployed.

"My brief experience of being unemployed, it's not for me," she said.

"Trophy wife life maybe when there's kids and other things to do but just sitting around the house and letting Jack pay for everything, no, not me."

She did not reveal where she was working as she did not want her employer to be abused.

Jackson Lonie

A lot of fans have noticed Olivia has been attending showbiz events in Sydney without her 'husband' Jackson in recent weeks, and there’s a simple explanation for that: he still has a day job, and can’t afford to leave it.

The plumber has been taking on as much work as he can to ensure the couple can still pay their rent after moving in together on the Central Coast, as Olivia currently has no income.

Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie on their MAFS wedding day.
Olivia Frazer is searching for work while Jackson Lonie continues working as a plumber. Source: Channel 9

Carolina Santos

Carolina's savviness on the show to promote her Designer Bag Hire business has clearly been paying off for this MAFS star.

Her business is now booming, and the mum-of-one told Yahoo Lifestyle in March she valued her company at $1 million.

“[I'm] working heaps on my business, trips with Daniel [Holmes], and that's the plan for now,” Carolina told us at Fashion Week recently. “Hopefully [we will] get engaged soon! Who knows? It doesn’t depend on me, unfortunately, but he knows. The clock is ticking!”

Daniel Holmes

The season nine star started working at a new UFC gym on Sydney's Kent Street after moving to the city to live with Carolina. However, the constant recognition became too much and he quit after a couple of months. The star is now quietly working from home as a freelance graphic designer.

Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos hold hands on MAFS.
Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos now live together in Sydney. Source: Channel 9

Andrew Davis

Following his unfortunate stint on MAFS, Andrew removed himself from social media and changed his name professionally to ‘James’ to try and distance himself from the show. It was reported in March has was working as a personal trainer at a Snap Fitness gym in Sydney.

Selin Mengu

It's unclear whether or not the stay-at-home mum will be able to turn her 15 minutes of fame into a long-lasting career. While she's been regularly spotted on a number of red carpets, she currently only has 66,000 followers on Instagram, compared to Dom and Ella who are both nearing 600,000.

“I have a few things pending so I’m not sure yet, but I’m also busy with my son,” Selin recently told Yahoo Lifestyle at Fashion Week. “So it’s a little bit of a juggle and a balance but I’m getting there.”

Tamara Djordjevic

Tamara is still working in real estate but using her annual leave to make the most of the event invites coming her way.

It is unclear what she plans next, and recently told Yahoo Lifestyle it was up to her manager. "I'm not really quite sure. Yeah, there's a lot in the works. Yeah, a lot to get through. And I've got a lot of goals, but, yeah, I just ... nothing on paper yet," she said.

Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic pose on MAFS.
Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic were matched up on MAFS. Source: Channel 9

Selina Chhaur

Selina is still pursuing he passion for hairdressing, but it is believed she has cut down the number of hours in the salon the make the most of opportunities coming her way.

Holly Greenstein

While she has attended some influencer events and Fashion Week shows, Holly is still working as a cinema manager. She previously pursued acting, but told Yahoo Lifestyle it was more of a hobby than a career.

Kate Laidlaw

The clinical nutritionist has continued working in the field, with her Instagram bio listing her passions as 'food and fitness'. She also shares a nutrition business with her twin sister Bec.

Dion Giannarelli

Dion revealed a huge new business venture in April, with the property developer announcing on Instagram his company Giannarelli Group secured a huge $480 million deal the redevelop the Mariners Cove Marina on the Gold Coast.

"We are so proud to offer such a unique project to the Gold Coast, which will set the benchmark for hotels on the Gold Coast and Australia," he said.

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