MAFS’ Seb Guilhaus makes 'shocking' OnlyFans announcement

Married At First Sight star Seb Guilhaus has revealed that he is joining the adult subscription website OnlyFans with his girlfriend Ania.

Seb posted a steamy picture of the scantily-clad pair sharing a kiss on Instagram to announce their exciting news.

Seb Guilhaus wearing nothing, kisses his girlfriend Ania who's wearing black lingerie
The reality TV star Seb Guilhaus shocked fans with his decision to join OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

“So Ania and I did a thing. O.F coming soon,” he wrote.

It wasn’t long before comments came flooding in about his ‘disappointing’ decision from his shocked fans.

Some fans accused the reality TV star of “cheapening” himself, with one angered fan writing, “No just NO! I thought much higher of you than this.”

“Yuck. Some things should remain private,” another added.

Not long after posting, Seb addressed the controversy and negativity from his fans.

Screenshot of a comment Seb Guilhaus made on his controversial decision to join OnlyFans
The Married At First Sight star explained his decision to join OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/sebguilhaus

“Hahaha I thought this might be a little conscientious. Sorry to shock everyone,” he started.

“I don’t see anything wrong with being empowered sexually with someone I’m close to, and hopefully empowering others to embrace a very important part of life.”

He explained that he hasn’t changed as a person, but just embracing a new life experience.


Addressing the backlash directly he wrote how upsetting it is that people are so quick to judge.

“It’s like having a favourite sporting team and dumping them after they lose a single game.”

Summing it up, he added, “In this case no one is being hurt and no one is being forced to explore this. Lots of love everyone.”

Seb Guilhaus in a black t-shirt poses with his girlfriend Ania who is wearing a pink dress. The pair are sitting at an outdoor dining area.
Seb and Ania went public with their relationship in August 2021. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

Former Married At First Sight contestant Cyrelle Paule was quick to jump to Seb and Ania’s defence.

Posting on her Instagram story, the TV personality wrote, “I don’t understand the world we live in.”

“When it was other MAFS contestants joining OFs we praised them, called them strong. Now a man does it but we don’t agree. Guess what, it’s HIS body, HIS choice.”

Seb Guilhaus takes a photo of himself in the mirror wearing just underwear.
The personal trainer is used to posting pictures of himself to social media. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

Seb’s fellow Season 7 Married at First Sight contestant Drew Brauer also jumped in to defend the personal trainer from the trolls.

“Experience all life has to offer mate, and don’t let the negative Nelly’s get in your ear.”

He also made a cheeky quip, “Let me know if you need a cameraman!”

Seb Guilhaus, wearing a black tank top, holds his girlfriend Ania in his arms. She's wearing white shorts and a tan coloured top.
Seb Guilhaus regularly posts photos with his girlfriend Ania on social media. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

Fans took to his social media, replying with positive comments and praise.

“Haters always gonna hate and they can bounce on! Hope you make a killing,” one person wrote.

"Who cares! What a bold decision, love it. P.s - what's the link?" another added.

One fan also referenced the Married At First Sight Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco nude photo scandal.

“Watch out, Olivia Frazer might come after you and Google you too!”

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