Married at First Sight's Hayley Vernon joins X-rated adult site

Married at First Sight star Hayley Vernon sent her fans into an absolute tailspin on Friday when she announced she would be joining up to online content site OnlyFans.

The former bride and fitness fanatic joins dozens of other reality stars on the platform, which is used to create private content for paying monthly visitors, often sexual and sometimes pornographic in nature.

MAFS Hayley Vernon joins Only Fans
Hayley Vernon has joined OnlyFans, an online site where people can share exclusive content to paying members. Photo: Instagram/ hayleyvernon_

OnlyFans charges members a monthly fee to access content made by the person at their home.

Hayley made the announcement on Friday, after teasing fans with a series of very suggestive bikini snaps in the days leading up.

“OnlyFans link in bio,” was all she wrote on a video of herself smiling for the camera.

Hayley’s OnlyFans costs subscribers $22 per month – more than Netflix, but less than Foxtel.

Hayley Vernon from MAFS poses in black bikini amid Only Fans launch
Hayley is charging members $20 per month to see private photos and videos. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

In her description on the site, the former MAFS contestant has a healthy sense of humour about the situation: “You know the story, a reality personality doing OnlyFans”

So far she has shared seven photos and videos with her fan base.

Fans lose it over Hayley’s decision

It was her announcement however that really set her existing fans off, sparking a vicious debate in her comments section.

“Really thought more of you until now.,” one person wrote.

In response, another pointed out that Hayley has every right to monetise the kind of content already appearing on her social media feeds, and already in the mainstream.

Haykey poses in red bikini to announce Only Fans join MAFS
Hayley stunned fans in the lead up to the announcement with some very sexy video content. Photo: Instagram/ hayleyvernon_

“Men sexualise women’s bodies to make money for literally EVERY product marketing and no one bats an eyelid,” one fan wrote. “A woman takes it into her own hands and makes her own money using her own body and other women shame her. Shame on you.”

Others were thankful to see Hayley on OnlyFans rather than propagating her anti-mask anti-lockdown messages.


Hayley lives in Melbourne where residents are currently under Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions and has been a very loud sceptic when it comes to the new rules.

“Spot on, women using fans only to their advantage is not shameful,” one person wrote. “What is shameful is encouraging others to breach government restrictions during a global health emergency.”

It’s not the first time Hayley has stirred up controvers, and she’s copping decidedly less heat for her latest message.

Hayley’s ‘dangerous’ anti-coronavirus message to fans

Back in July the former reality star was slammed by fans after she appeared to encourage people to flout the mask-wearing order in Victoria.

The former reality bride took to Instagram to share a screenshot of official government advice on the use of surgical masks to curb the spread of coronavirus that was published on March 26, 2020, almost four months ago and at the beginning of Australia’s coronavirus experience.

In the initial advice, mask-wearing was not considered an effective transmission reducer, but since then, the health community has agreed widespread use of masks is a useful addition to social distancing and sanitising when it comes to minimising community transmission of COVID-19.

Since March, a second wave of COVID-19 has shut down the city of Melbourne, and Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Sunday masks would be mandatory for people living in metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from 11.59pm (local time) on Wednesday, July 22.

Following the news, Hayley took to Instagram with an inflammatory post, beseeching followers to ignore official advice and ‘stand up for their rights’ by refusing to wear the mandatory masks.

“I’ll be dammed if you are going to curb anything about me,” she wrote, tagging Victorian premier Daniel Andrews, calling him a ’walking talking oxymoron’.

“I am woke I will not be wearing a mask,” she continued. “MELBOURNE AND AUSTRALIANS STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS.. this is not the time to comply.”

She has since deleted the post following outrage from followers.

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