MAFS fans defend Domenica after 'appalling' OnlyFans scandal: 'Queen'

Married At First Sight’s nude photo scandal officially exploded during Wednesday night's episode when Domenica Calarco learnt that an image from her private OnlyFans account had been circulating amongst the cast without her knowledge.

The second last dinner party of the season became extremely tense when typically quiet groom Cody Bromley broke the news about the NSFW snap, before controversial bride Olivia Frazer admitted that she was the one who had shared it around.

MAFS' Jack and Domenica.
MAFS fans have defended Domenica Calarco after her nude photo circulated amongst the cast without her knowledge. Photo: Channel Nine

“So I'll be honest, when we had our ‘thing’, my friends Googled you and they showed me that and I mentioned it to Selina [Chaurr],” she confessed.

“I just mentioned it. It didn’t come with any malice or judgement or anything. No judgement girl, it’s 2021, you can do what you want with your body.”


The experts were clearly stunned by the “appalling” dinner party conversation and agreed that Olivia was the one in the wrong, especially because she had previously revealed that she was the one who had done the Googling.

“It originated from Olivia and it was malicious,” John Aiken said, while Alessandra Rampolla added, “And they all gossiped about it”.

“Absolutely,” Mel Schilling agreed. “Whilst the photo itself was a non-issue for Domenica, the fact that everyone was talking about it and circulating it, that’s an issue.”

MAFS experts looking shocked.
The experts were stunned by the ‘appalling’ dinner party conversation. Photo: Channel Nine

However, while Domenica was clearly upset over the fact that the group had been talking about the photo behind her back, participants used the typical excuse that she shouldn’t be mad about it because it was “public information” on Google.

“No one was talking s**t! I was never talking s**t about it, Selina wasn’t talking shit about it,” Tamara Djordjevic fired back. “We just didn’t know how to address it and then you guys get all this negativity in your head like we’re talking s**t, that’s so unfair!

“I’m sorry, but you put it out there,” she continued. “You put your photo there, you created an OnlyFans. When people put their nude photos online, they’ve got to cop this back.”

MAFS' Domenica and Olivia.
The group turned on Domenica during the dinner party and argued that the photo was ‘public information’. Photos: Channel Nine

‘Dom is a queen’

After Domenica was met with no support from the group and Olivia gave her the silent treatment, she stormed out of the dinner party with her partner Jack Millar.

Fans online were seemingly just as frustrated with the situation, with many people rushing to the bride’s defence.

“Dom is such a strong, opinionated and brave woman,” one person wrote, while another added, “Dom may have lost the dinner party battle but she’s won the war”.

“Dom is a queen and was so in control, which must have been hard in the face of such betrayal. Kudos lady, not many have the strength you do,” a third shared.

“Dear Domenica, the whole country has got your back girl,” someone else remarked, followed by a different user who said, “All things considered, Dom took it like a champ. I would have been way more pissed off in her shoes”.

“If there is one positive from this it has shown that Dom and Jack are very strong as a couple,” another pointed out, with plenty of people labelling the pair as an “absolute power couple”.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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