OnlyFans star says men can't handle how much she earns: 'Step up'

An OnlyFans creator has spoken out about how men are intimidated by her earnings, advising single men to 'step up' and treat women better.

OnlyFans creator Grace Wears Lace
OnlyFans creator Grace Wears Lace became a millionaire in her first year on the platform. Photo:

One of Australia’s rising OnlyFans creators, Grace Wears Lace is calling out men on their lack of chivalry and taking charge, after a string of disastrous first dates. At just 27, Grace owns a lucrative property portfolio worth over $2 million and is jet-setting across the world regularly, thanks to making over $1 million in her first year on OnlyFans alone, and consistently raking in five figures a month through adult content creation.

Although she has been wildly successful at such a young age she says her dating life has been ill-fated due to one common flaw with men.

“I get offers for dates countless times a day, so I’m already extremely selective with men I date, so it's a big deal when they make it to a dinner date, ” Grace said.

“As soon as men find out I’m on OnlyFans, they either immediately expect me to pay and won't even offer to split the bill, or they get intimidated and insecure and stop planning dates or taking the lead, so it fizzles out”.

On a recent date, Grace saw her suitor look up her Instagram account at the table across from her after she opened up about what she does for work.

“As soon as he saw my account, he was asking how much money I make and how many men I’ve slept with… Then, he blurted out that seeing as I was doing so well, dinner would be on me. It goes without saying we didn't make it to a second date.”

OnlyFans' Grace Wears Lace
Grace went from church life to OnlyFans. Photo:


After matching on Hinge, one potential suitor quickly ruined his chances of making it to a date after sending a wish-list of items to Grace once figuring out what she did for work.

“I recently matched with a man on Hinge, where we chatted back and forth a while, and ended up organising a date to meet. To move things off the app, we moved the conversation over to my Instagram, and his whole vibe changed as soon as he saw I did OnlyFans…”

“He started sending me screenshots of clothes, perfumes and even his dream car that he wanted, and made an insulting joke that he wanted me to be his new ‘sugar mummy’. I very quickly cancelled the date, and never spoke to him again”.

While Grace says her ideal man is someone who is also financially independent, ambitious and can take care of her without getting insecure, resentful or controlling, she’s also looking for a man who is willing to film OnlyFans content with her.

“In a previous relationship, I paid my partner at least $10,000 a month to make OnlyFans content with me, so he was able to quit his regular job. But there was still an expectation that I would pay for dinners, holidays and expensive gifts due to my income. And it’s clearly an attitude lots of men have!”

Her biggest message to single men looking to take her on a date?

“Stop expecting me to pay for everything! I’m a big believer in traditional roles between partners, and men exuding masculine energy, so the most attractive thing you can do, regardless of my income, is to take charge and not be intimidated by me, or use my income against me”.


“We’re not living in the old days where women were reliant on men - we are working more than ever, and most of us have financial independence and can do what we want. What men are failing to realise is that this means you really need to step up to stand out from the crowd. I 100%, won't be settling for anything less, and most women are looking for the same”.

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