OnlyFans star who's slept with men from over 40 countries ranks Aussies

An award-winning porn star is collecting 'flags' and rating lovers from over 40 countries.

An award-winning Aussie-based porn star has rated the best lovers from over 40 different countries, and we're sorry Aussie men but... there may be more work to do to leave a long-lasting impression.

Coco, who currently resides in Queensland, has travelled the world as a porn star and is collecting as many "flags" as she can, saying she's had interactions with men from over 40 different countries. Coco states that sometimes the sexiest stereotypes do hold true, describing her Latino lovers as the most "intense" in the bedroom.

“My rules are to count the country on his passport, not where the dude happens to be living at the time of our encounter. I’ve had men from America, Canada, the UK, Israel, Australia, Haiti, El Salvador, Holland, Norway, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Ireland. Ireland, Belize, Djibouti, Nicaragua, Italy, Guatemala, Switzerland. Argentina…” Coco listed. “And then Honduras, Costa Rica, Thailand, Russia... Albania, Brazil. India, Spain, Peru, Lebanon, Algeria, Croatia, Serbia. Armenia, Scotland, Ukraine and New Zealand.”

Award-winning porn star Coco Bae
Award-winning porn star Coco Bae. Photo:

Coco's world tour and where Aussie men rank

On what has surprised her from meeting men from so many different cultures, Coco stated that more conservative cultures can tend to be more "out there" when it comes to sexual exploration.


“Many of the conservative cultures enjoy the most ‘out there’ acts. For example, I have come across many Arab and Indian dudes who really like booty action in various forms,” Coco said.

“But my lovers from Brazil were the most enjoyable to be with. They were just up for having fun; whichever way it happens.”

Coco Bae
Coco Bae said Aussie men can be quite vanilla. Photo:

And if Aussie men are wondering where they fall in the ranks, let's just say Coco has some words of potential encouragement.

"Australia is such a diverse melting pot!" she told Yahoo Lifestyle. "But if we are talking as Aussie as it gets, I’d say they’re very simple and vanilla but I’m happy to be proven wrong."


Coco also said some European countries, including Germany, produced some less spicy moments.

"On the positive side, I found they are aiming to please, so they’re always asking for feedback. 'What do I want? What do I prefer? What would I like to do next?'”

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