From church to Onlyfans: How one woman made $1 million in one year

Grace rebelled against her strict upbringing in a very big way.

One of Australia’s newest and rising OnlyFans creators, Grace Wears Lace, is the epitome of a ‘good girl gone bad’, previously dedicating her life to the church due to her strict, religious upbringing.

Growing up, Grace attended church weekly - no matter which country her family had moved to. From Cambodia to Thailand, Australia, Latvia and Kazakhstan, Grace’s family home-schooled her and her sisters – raising them in an ever-changing environment that remained free from social media. By 18 though, Grace had broken free from the church to live an alternative life of sexual exploration.

That wildly different life includes creating adult content for OnlyFans, which saw her make over a million dollars in her first year alone.

“If you told me five years ago that I would be making money from creating adult content, I’d never believe you. Growing up, I was taught that sex before marriage, or casual sex would result in (literally) going to hell, and I was terrified to even think of doing that. Once I started to find my own way in my late teens, I realised that my life could look very different to the one I was living," Grace said.

OnlyFans creator Grace wears lace
Grace went from church life to OnlyFans. Photo:

Now Grace rakes in five figures a month through adult content creation, but the rising star says she still struggles with shame and guilt from her Christian upbringing.


“I’ve learnt to really love myself and embrace confidence, however, it wasn't always like that. I struggled with severe shyness and insecurities growing up, as well as being taught that embracing your sexuality or any type of sin would literally send you to hell," she explained.

"As I continue on my path forward, I love creating a diverse mix of content on OnlyFans, and exploring all the different ways people express and enjoy their sexuality. One of my favourite parts of the platform is taking requests and learning about different fetishes, sexual interests and desires."

OnlyFans grace wears lace posing on bed
Grace is a rising content creator. Photo:

“While I move further away from the Church, the damage and very strict religious belief system that is taught to young children doesn't just go away overnight, so I’m still working through that, and what parts of my past I want to honour, in my own way… I’d like to think some of those things can go hand in hand," she said.


Grace has no ill feelings towards her parents and her strict upbringing, but she firmly believes people shouldn’t have children if they expect them to be “mini versions of themselves”.

“People will end up where they want to be no matter what you push on them. More often than not, they will rebel, just like I have. While I’m proud of who I am and where I am in life since pushing back on my own pressures, the shame that can be brought on through strict religious upbringings can impact women's lives far beyond their time in the church and is often not considered enough," she said.

“I encourage parents to allow their children to find their own way, and love and support them no matter what, even if it conflicts with your own beliefs.”

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