OnlyFans star shares weirdest requests: 'I make six figures a month humiliating men'

Sharna Beckman has found an interesting niche with her X-rated content.

OnlyFans creator Sharna Beckman makes six figures a month on OnlyFans, and has opened up about some of the weirdest requests she's received since being on the adult platform.

One kink she finds especially interesting is “humiliation" with Sharna saying she found the kinks strange but also found out there was a market for fans wanting to be "belittled" by her.

“This is where fans want you to belittle them, tell them how small their genitals are. I remember I had this one fan who would send me videos of himself nude, wearing nothing but heels and a handbag,” Sharna shared.

“Then he began to hit his genitals with the heels, like extremely hard. It turned him on and he would pay big bucks just to be humiliated.”

Sharna said she found this kink especially strange, but many other fans paid just to have an online ‘girlfriend.’

OnlyFans' Sharna Beckman
OnlyFans' Sharna Beckman has clients pay her for belittling them. Photo:

Despite some fans having quirkier kinks, Sharna said she appreciates all of her fans. She's now been on OnlyFans for three years and once made $220,000 during her peak month.


“I've always known that I would be in the sex work industry. I love exploring my sexuality and trying new things; it's opened up a whole new world for me," she said.

OnlyFans star stalked online by family member

Despite her success in the sex work industry, Sharna has been plagued by the downsides of her career path and recently revealed how she found out her cousin had subscribed to her OnlyFans content.

“He tried telling me that it wasn’t him, it was his actually his friend, who was married, so couldn’t use his own name or credit card," she shared."My cousin apparently kindly offered to share his name and credit card to allow this other guy to join my page."

Sharna Beckman in black bikini
Sharna Beckman was horrified to learn her cousin had been subscribed to her X-rated content. Photo:

Sharna said the discovery left her feeling sick to her stomach.

"I was honestly sick to my stomach and too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. I didn’t want to cause any awkwardness between the families," she said.


"So, I removed my cousin from my OnlyFans account and blocked his phone messages. I just don’t get why he would subscribe in the first place, and then use his real name. Like, did he want me to know it was him? And then what?”

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