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The sustainable razor that means 'less charging and less clutter'

Mix and match attachments to suit your needs.

If you have men in your life with multiple devices for trimming or shaping their beard, hair or body hair, it might be time to streamline the bathroom cupboard.

The Panasonic Multishape Modular Personal Care System is a smart, sustainable device which is compatible with other Panasonic attachments. This means it's easy to build a personal kit to suit his grooming needs - and a great option for gift-giving too!

Panasonic Multishape Modular Personal Care System
The Panasonic Multishape Modular Personal Care System allows you to add different attachments. Photo: Supplied

The main unit is powered by a long-lasting Li-ion battery, and gives up to 70 minutes of operation with just one hour of charging. The handle has an anti-slip coating and a flat back so it's easy to use in the shower without dropping.

The device comes with four comb attachments. There's an adjustment dial so the cutting length can be adjusted from 1mm to 30mm in 5mm intervals, to get the exact look he's after.

The trimmer head and handle feature a waterproof design so you can trim dry, or with gel or foam. Having a wet-trim option is great for sensitive skin, and also means you can easily and quickly clean your trimmer by rinsing it under running water.


It's possible to buy attachments including a beard, hair and body precision trimmer that gives a precise, efficient and even cut. There's also a shaver head, a nose, ear and facial trimmer and even an electric toothbrush head.

Panasonic Multishape Modular Personal Care System with electric toothbrush attachment
The Panasonic Multishape Modular Personal Care System can even attach to an electric toothbrush head. Photo: Supplied

The beauty of the add-on attachments means each piece is totally personal. The detachable heads also make the Multishape ideal for travel; all you need to do is bring the attachments you need.

Those who've used it love the streamlined approach it allows.

"The main appeal of the MultiShape is its multi-functional design, allowing me to phase out using multiple hair trimming devices, replacing them with one device and several attachments," says one happy user. "Fewer devices means less charging and less clutter."

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