MAFS stars Dom and Ella's futures as podcasters 'uncertain' as backlash continues

The pair has faced immense backlash in the last week after interviewing participants from the 2024 season of MAFS.

MAFS' Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding's Sit With Us podcast
The future of MAFS' Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding's Sit With Us podcast looks 'uncertain' after being called out by several people. Photo: Instagram/sitwithusthepod

The future of Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding's Sit With Us podcast is said to be “uncertain” after being called out by Abbie Chatfield and other influencers this week for “platforming misogynistic behaviour” whilst “claiming to be feminists”.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the discussion that Abbie's posts started has led to thousands of fans turning their back on Ella and Dom in the last week alone.


Since last Friday, Ella has lost almost 3,200 Instagram followers and Dom, who admits Abbie's posts have caused her “stress and anxiety”, has lost over 3,000 followers.

Meanwhile, data released by Triton's Australian Podcast Ranker on Wednesday revealed that the best friends' Sit With Us podcast has been in sharp decline for some time.

In April, it dropped to number 131 on the Australian chart with 84,319 total downloads. This was down 15% from March, when they had 96,909 downloads, and down 32% from February, when they had 112,000 downloads.

An industry source from a leading digital network says: “The long term future of any podcast generating this much negative publicity whilst consistently losing downloads is uncertain at best. Once listeners start to leave, advertisers usually aren't far behind.”

The media source said that “accountability, transparency and damage control PR” is the only way for any public figure to “navigate” a situation like this.

Dom and Ella had previously come under fire for having MAFS star Jack Dunkley on their podcast, with the hosts defending his misogynistic "muzzle your woman" comment towards Lauren Dunn, going so far as to say he was "pushed" to breaking point and it was Lauren's fault, not his.

The pair were again slammed this week for their interview with Jono McCullough and Ellie Dix.

The interview started with Dom and Ella saying they couldn't quite find words to "describe" Lauren, and things deteriorated from there. Jono talked about the "pact" he and Lauren had to stay on the show as well as the "cheating" storyline with Ellie. Jono said that Lauren knew he had been messaging Ellie because he had told her and that Tori had also given Lauren a heads up that she was going to bring up the messages, which led to Ella and Dom accusing Lauren of acting, with Dom saying she should go on "Home and Away or something".

Jono also stipulated that the pact he had with Lauren initially involved them going through with final vows and saying yes, and pretending they were still together after, with him and Tim Calwell supporting each other through dating "really strong, slightly aggressive" women and "trying to make it through".

Dom then said she assumed Lauren and Sara would look at the interviews coming out about them from Jono and Tim's side of events, and said they looked "stupid as hell".

Fans have commented that the girls are 'cancelling themselves'. Photo: Instagram/sitwithusthepod
Fans have commented that the girls are 'cancelling themselves'. Photo: Instagram/sitwithusthepod

Fans were quick to share their thoughts, and they were not positive.

"Why is every interview with the cast putting Lauren down? What happened to girls supporting girls? You say you don’t want to judge and you don’t take what you see from the show for real, example Jack & Tori! But with Lauren you are ripping her a new one?" one person commented.

"Can we stop bashing Lauren? It’s enough," another said. "Can’t wait for more air time of a man bashing a woman down! Yasss slay the house down, queens," someone else said.


"I’m really surprised you guys would release this after your last episode with Jack and Tori. I hope Lauren is okay," someone else commented.

"Not us witnessing the downfall of this podcast. Literally cancelling yourselves," someone else commented.

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Lauren's rep said: "Lauren was busy at Fashion Week with Shark Beauty, living her best life and is not concerned nor interested in Dom and Ella’s podcast with Jono and Ellie."

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