MAFS' Dom and Ella slammed after controversial interview with Jack Dunkley: 'Take this episode down'

Abbie Chatfield has called out the podcast hosts, saying she "feels sick" about their interview.

Dom, Jack, Ella on sit with us podcast
Fans aren't happy with Dom and Ella excusing Jack's behaviour. Photo:

Domenica Calcarco and Ella Ding have been slammed after they interviewed MAFS' Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams on their podcast Sit With Us, with fans calling out the hosts and Jack for his defence around his controversial "muzzle your woman" comment.

Ella and Dom spoke to Jack about the comment, saying he was "being pushed" and that Lauren was the person who "really pushed" Jack.

"And they [producers] knew that," Dom said. "They would always put her right in front of you. It makes for amazing dinner parties." "Credit to Lauren," Jack said, as Ella called it "great entertainment for us, but not for you guys."

"The muzzle comment," Dom then said. "For me it's like, why do we gotta bring dogs into this? I'm being a smart-ass, guys. But you had to know the second the words came out of your mouth, or while you're sitting there, that this wasn't going to be good for you."

While the blame was thrown back on the producers and Lauren for "pushing" Jack, there wasn't any mention of the misogyny behind the comment from Jack, and fans and followers were quick to point that out in the comments.

Abbie Chatfield left a lengthy comment, calling out Dom and Ella for dismissing Jack's comments and excusing his behaviour.

"Really disappointing to see the victim blaming here, and the allowance for a man to speak in such a dehumanising way about a woman because she … spoke too much?" Abbie Chatfield commented. "I can’t believe I’m seeing you both dismiss what he said, because he was 'pushed'. That’s the excuse for all abusive men. And what he did was verbal abuse.


"This is really worrying. Particularly in the current climate, this is really incredibly awful. I feel a bit sick to be honest, girls. I’d take this episode down if I were you, apologise, and try to educate yourselves on the inner workings on patriarchy and how you have upheld it in this interview. I actually feel sick."

Abbie left another comment underneath, directing it to one of Dom's comments.

"Also Dom, at the end saying 'you have to have known….' I thought you were going to say 'that is violent revolting language' or 'that is sexist and completely wrong' but instead we focus on … how bad it will be for HIM? What is going on here?"

Other people also left angry comments, saying that given the current crisis of violence against women in Australia, now is absolutely not the time to be excusing poor behaviour from men.

"What are you doing? Why have you let this guy manipulate you like this? You've just reinforced and validated abusive behaviour on a public platform," one person commented. "With everything going on right now, you're just making women feel that this crap is acceptable so they never leave. Great job."

Fans of the podcast also tried to reason with Dom and Ella in the comments and begged for them to educate themselves further on the connotations of the misogynistic remark.

Jack Lauren MAFS
Jack shocked fellow participants after his derogatory comment towards Lauren. Photo: Nine


"So the muzzle comment is justified because he was being 'pushed' to it? Is any form of abuse justified because someone is pushed to it?" one person asked. "I really like your podcast Ella and Dom but FFS this lacks substance and is so problematic!! Where is the feminism?!"

"I have to say, as a loyal listener, I do think you both need to educate ourselves more on patriarchy as I often find myself frustrated with things you guys say that uphold it or feed into it," another stated. "It would be great if you guys could be a lot more educated on that toxic system and be a voice that helps dismantle it. Just my personal feedback x".

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, a rep for Lauren Dunn said: “Words cannot describe how disappointing this is, considering today’s climate. Lauren sincerely hopes they both learn a valuable lesson from this and start practising the support for women that they so adamantly preach. There is no room for victim blaming in today’s society."

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