MAFS' Lucinda debuts 'stunning' transformation as she announces career move

Fans have said the bride looks ’20 years younger’ with her new ‘do.

Married At First Sight’s breakout star Lucinda Light has wowed fans on social media after she unveiled a surprising new look at the Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie dinner party this week.

The 43-year-old MC and wedding celebrant, who recently became the first season 11 cast member to hit over 200,000 followers on Instagram, has swapped her long blonde locks for a stylish blunt bob with bangs.

MAFS’ Lucinda Light on the show / Lucinda with a bob.
MAFS’ Lucinda Light has debuted a new hairstyle this week. Photos: Channel Nine / TikTok/cazincthelabel

Lucinda showed off her transformation in a video shared on TikTok by Melbourne fashion designer Cazinc the Label on Thursday, with followers flooding the comments section with compliments.

“Lucinda! What an amazing haircut,” one person wrote, with another adding, “You look freaking amazing that hairdo is gorgeous. You look 20 years younger girl”.

“Love your hair. At first I didn’t know it was you, hairstyle takes years off you,” a third agreed.


“This bob is giving me LIFE,” someone else shared, followed by a different user who said, “Haircut is so cute! Love it and it makes you look so fun and youthful!”

“THE HAIR IS PERFECTION,” another follower declared, while others described the look as “fabulous”, “stunning” and “beautiful”.

Fans also declared that Lucinda is “the best person to exist in MAFS history” and they hope she continues a career in the spotlight once the show ends.

MAFS’ Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith at Nova's dinner party.
Fans have described Lucinda’s haircut as ‘fabulous’, ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’. Photo: Nova

Lucinda reveals her post-show plans

Lucinda spoke openly about her career plans at Nova’s dinner party on Wednesday evening and shared that she’s received “hundreds of offers” from all around the world.

While she shut down rumours she is going to become an expert on the New Zealand version of MAFS, saying it would be “laughable” because she’s “not in a bloody relationship”, she did reveal that she’s excited to launch her new website.

“I’m building out on my website at the moment something that’s called Lucinda Light Tribe,” she said. “It’s a bi-weekly Zoom chat with me, there’s Tribe Times which is a weekly publication, it’s gonna have my emotional intelligence course and upgrading and you get a copy of my book.

“That’s really exciting from a business perspective. But I’m definitely looking at offers that have come to me from Iceland to Japan. It has actually been wild, like hundreds of offers. Business is booming.”


This comes after a media insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Lucinda has been “flooded” with offers from podcast networks and voiceover agencies and that she could “make millions in the next couple of years” with the right strategy and team.

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