MAFS' Jack and Tori reveal there was pressure for them to break up

Jack said his original MAFS final vows were rejected "six or seven" times by producers.

They haven't necessarily been Married At First Sight fans' favourite couple, but Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams are putting on a united front, still together post-filming the reality show. After final vows aired this week, many MAFS fans flooded to social media to express their shock that Tori stayed with Jack, labelling his vows "putrid", with some people were left wondering if Jack actually penned the vows himself or if a producer did the dirty work for him.

Now Jack has told Pedestrian.TV that people need to remember MAFS is a TV show and final vows is like getting a "brief"."The vows need to be entertaining hence why we ended up with that cliffhanger,” Jack told the publication.

Jack and Tori MAFS final vows
Jack took Tori for a ride during their final vows. Photo: Nine

“Our vows needed to be approved. They were rejected six or seven times until they kind of went down the theme of what production were looking for," he said, reportedly stating that his final version of vows wasn't necessarily the ones he originally wanted to say to Tori.


“It’s not how I would have come out and said my vows to Tori, like I could read you something now that I would have much preferred but they have to be approved," he continued. "But at the end of the day, we knew we were leaving together and those final lines on my vows and the final lines on Tori’s vows were the only thing we cared about.”

MAFS' Jack and Tori
MAFS' Jack and Tori are still going strong. Photo: Nine

As for her part, Tori apparently never had concerns that Jack was going to break up with her.

“There was never a doubt for me,” Tori said. “But as I was listening to those vows I was like, ‘what is he talking about? This isn’t what we spoke about’."

Tori also spoke to The Daily Mail and said she did feel pressure to leave Jack hanging at final vows.

“I think there was definitely a lot of outside pressure for me to walk away from Jack at the final vows,” she said. “There was no reason for me to walk away. They wanted me to leave him. And when I wouldn’t leave him, I had to express concerns through my vows. And again, that took forever for them to approve.”

Former MAFS groom reveals how much say producers have on final vows

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit, 2023 groom Layton Mills confirmed while final vows "had to be approved by production" he had a period where he and his partner Melinda Willis weren't talking as they navigated writing their final vow speeches, after a big argument, meaning the former couple did not chat about their final decision at all. However, Layton said that wouldn't be the same for all couples.

Melinda and Layton MAFS final vows
Melinda and Layton during their final vows. Photo: Nine

"I feel like when I watch this season, you kind of know what's going to happen for every couple... for Mel and I, it could have gone either way. I don't know what happened with other couples, but there was no [confirming final vows] with Mel and I," Layton said. "There was no co-ordinating or, 'hey what are you saying?'"


When it came to production pushing a certain narrative, Layton said that wasn't his personal experience.

"For ours, I didn't think there was any pushing, but I also think Mel and I had a very authentic journey," Layton continued. "I feel like for others, when it becomes a clear narrative, there's probably some pushing into 'we need more of this narrative'."

Listen to Layton's full episode of Behind The Edit wherever you get your podcasts, or watch his interview right here.

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