MAFS' Jack drops huge bombshell about Jono and Ellie's cheating scandal

The controversial groom says Lauren knew about the texts before Tori broke the news.

Married At First Sight’s Jack Dunkley has claimed Lauren Dunn knew her ‘husband’ Jono McCullough was texting Ellie Dix before it was brought up at this week’s commitment ceremony.

During Sunday night’s episode, Jack’s ‘wife’ Tori Adams interrupted Jono and Lauren’s couch session to expose the off-camera scandal and question why Jono was messaging someone outside the experiment.

MAFS' Jono McCullough and Lauren Dunn crying.
MAFS’ Jack Dunkley has claimed Lauren Dunn knew Jono McCullough was texting Ellie Dix before the commitment ceremony. Photo: Channel Nine

Jack has now shared more information about the incident and revealed that while he had no idea about Tori’s bombshell before the commitment ceremony, he’s since learned some spicy new details.

“Andrea and Lucinda both had this information and I'm pretty sure Lucinda asked Tori if she would bring it to air,” he told HIT’s Allan & Carly.

“And the exclusive is Tori actually asked Lauren out the back, ‘I've got this information, what do you want me to do with it?’. And Lauren asked her to bring it up at the commitment ceremony.”


While the radio hosts were sceptical about this, a production insider has since confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that Jack was telling the truth.

“Lucinda found out about the texts from Andrea because she and Ellie had been hanging out and Ellie had told her that she’d been messaging Jono quite a bit,” the source details.

“Lucinda told Tori about it when they shared a cab with a producer to the commitment ceremony, and they told Lauren as soon as they arrived. The producers told them not to talk about it because there weren’t any cameras around, so Lauren gave Tori and Lucinda her approval to bring it up on camera in front of the group.

“Tori didn’t blindside Lauren at all by bringing it up at the commitment ceremony and it definitely wasn’t an act of ‘revenge’.”

MAFS' Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley.
‘Tori didn’t blindside Lauren at all by bringing it up at the commitment ceremony.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Ben speaks out about Ellie and Jono's romance

This comes shortly after Ellie’s on-screen ‘husband’ Ben Walters told Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast that he always thought there was a “vibe” between Ellie and Jono during filming.

“I’m not sure if Ellie was aware of it, perhaps she was, perhaps she wasn’t, but I just knew that Jono completely had eyes for Ellie. I had no doubt whatsoever,” he shared.

“I had no way of knowing, but I called it in my voxxies [piece-to-camera interviews]. I predicted it about a month [earlier]. I said it wouldn't surprise me because there was something there. I didn't think they would have the courage to do it, so bravo for doing it.”


Ben went on to say that while he was “a bit hurt” his ex had moved on with someone else from the cast, he was ultimately happy for them.

“I knew that I wasn't a great match for Ellie,” he reflected. “When you actually look at them on paper it actually makes good sense, so I do wish them well, seriously.

“You’re on there for genuine reasons, you want love, and if you found it, that's fantastic. But it did start, especially from Jono’s side, prior. I have no doubt in my mind and I picked it before it even happened.”

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