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Collagen lovers can't get enough of the 'treat' that helps with beauty sleep

It contains collagen, Vitamin C and magnesium.

Ingestible collagen has been big news in the beauty world for several years now, with studies proving that it can boost skin elasticity and hydration.

Now, there's a way to get your glow on while also helping you get your beauty sleep - and it tastes delicious. "This helped me get restful sleep," says one happy customer.

"I am so glad I’ve found a chocolate treat that I love and is healthy," agrees another.

Nutra Organics Collagen Hot Chocolate
Nutra Organics Collagen Hot Chocolate is designed to help you sleep. Photo: Supplied

Australia’s number one collagen brand, Nutra Organics, has just launched a Collagen Hot Chocolate that contains premium collagen peptides, Vitamin C, and less than 1g of sugar. It also contains a natural non-synthetic magnesium, to help you unwind before bed.

Thirty per cent of Aussies don't get enough magnesium, which improves sleep duration and quality. The mineral also reduces anxiety, supports energy production, heart health, decreases inflammation and promotes bone health.

Mix the Collagen Hot Chocolate, $23.96, into hot or cold milk, or add it to recipes such as chocolate cake for a healthy hit.


If it's extra energy you're after, their Collagen Matcha Latte, $27.96, is the perfect way to start the day. It contains the highest quality organic Japanese DōMatcha directly from Kyoto (where Japanese matcha originated), plus Vitamin C and 3000mg collagen peptides.

Woman drinking Collagen Matcha Latte
Nutra Organics Collagen Matcha Latte is designed to give you energy. Photo: Supplied

Ideal at breakfast time, matcha has traditionally been used to sharpen the mind and give an energy boost.

The recipe contains skin-loving antioxidants and is a great way to get glowing. A gentler alternative to coffee, it contains just a fifth of the amount of caffeine in a standard espresso, but can still help perk you up in the morning.

"It's soooo good," says one glowy customer. "I take collagen daily so this is two birds with one stone! Love it."

Both the Collagen Hot Chocolate and the Collagen Matcha Latte will also support your skin, hair, nails and gut health.

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