MAFS fans spot editing fail in Claire's emotional breakdown: 'Bulls**t'

Married At First Sight viewers were quick to point out the blunder online.

While Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight centred around Claire Nomarhas coming clean to her partner Jesse Burford about kissing Adam Seed during a night out, viewers seemed to be focused on one particularly strange detail instead.

Fans of the reality show took to a Facebook group to point out that there was a major editing fail right at the beginning of the episode when Claire decided to confide in fellow bride Sandy Jawanda about her infidelity.

MAFS’ Claire Nomarhas with multicoloured nails / MAFS’ Claire Nomarhas with bright pink nails.
MAFS’ Claire Nomarhas had multicoloured nails in one scene and bright pink tips in the next. Photos: Channel Nine

The 31-year-old was first shown lying in bed with her hands on her chest showing off a multicoloured manicure.

However, the very next scene showed Claire with bright pink nails when she spoke with producers about how upset she was and walked over to Sandy’s apartment. While her hair looked the same, she was also wearing a different coloured t-shirt which seemingly proves these two scenes were filmed on different days.


“Anyone else notice the editing fail with Claire’s nails tonight?” one fan wrote online. “Different colours when she woke up upset to when she got out of bed, cried and went and saw Sandy.

“I feel like she had the coloured nails last week and the pink ones this week.”

MAFS’ Claire Nomarhas with bright pink nails.
Claire also had pink nails when speaking with Sandy Jawanda. Photo: Channel Nine

'Bulls**t editing'

Fellow MAFS viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the blunder, with someone replying: “I noticed this too!”

“Yes me too! Clearly had time to go out and have them done!” another added, followed by a third who said, “I look at this all the time!”

“The colourful ones were last week's, she had the pink tip ones at the commitment ceremony,” a different user pointed out.

“[Producers] have pulled all her emotional scenes for this week ‘cos their previous drama from last week has now gone home,” another remarked, referring to the recent departure of Melissa Sheppard and Josh White and Caitlin McConville and Shannon Adams.


“Good tip for MAFS brides, change your nails and lipstick weekly so you can call out their bulls**t editing,” someone else joked.

Fans also noticed another interesting detail in Monday night’s episode when the man walking intruder bride Tayla Winter down the aisle appeared to be wearing an earpiece in his left ear.

The alleged earpiece was only visible for a short period of time when he turned his head and then when he was filmed walking on his left side for a second or two. It's unknown why the man would need an earpiece, but they are often used when producers need to give instructions during filming.

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