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'Life-changing' secret to getting your booty in shape: 'So happy'

While home workouts have become increasingly popular in recent times, getting the same results in your living room as you'd get in a gym class can be tough. This is why AJ Majid designed The Booty Builder, an easy-to-use home workout tool that sculpts your body within weeks.

Designed to help both men and women work towards a sculpted butt and powerful glutes, The Booty Builder is a lightweight and durable machine for performing banded hip thrusts with optimised resistance.

It's not just about looks either; activating your glute muscles can support good posture, allowing you to develop a strong, healthy base for your body to thrive. In fact, physiotherapists regularly prescribe gluteal strengthening exercises for many lower body issues, from discomfort in the knee to lower back pain

Woman working out with The Booty Builder
The Booty Builder is designed for all bodies to improve overall look, muscle tone and strength. Photo: Supplied

Save over $100

The flagship product at FitBoutique, The Booty Builder is on sale right now for $269 reduced from $359, and you can get an even bigger discount when you use the code FIT10 at checkout.


In its short two years on the market, this home workout dream machine regularly sells out and has received rave reviews from Aussies, with one even saying it has been "life-changing" and adding, "I've seen incredible progress with losing weight and getting my booty. It makes me so happy."

"I can't believe I achieved these booty gains at home!" another Aussie user shared on the FitBoutique website.

Before and after images of a woman in activewear
Over 160 people have given The Booty Builder five-stars for its "life-changing" results. Photo: Supplied

Free extras

For a limited time, when you buy The Booty Builder you'll also receive free accessories valued at $99, including an eight-week workout regimen, three 20kg resistance bands for customised use and a neoprene sleeve to protect your hips.

Each purchase comes with a 12-month warranty and free shipping Australia-wide. If you're not sure about the product, you have 30 days to send it back for a full refund.

You can also discover AJ Majod's extended range of home workout tools and accessories for gym workouts, yoga and recovery sessions at FitBoutique to kick-start your summer fitness journey.

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